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  • Easy to install and works perfectly

    posted by tropycool

    En: Good price and good qualityEs: Buen precio y buena calidad
    En: No need upgrade.Es: No necesita mejorarle nada.
    En: Good price and good quality. Easy to conect and works directly.Es: Buen precio y buena calidad. Facil de conectar y funciona directamente. No se necesitan conocimientos para instalarlo, ni manual, es conectarlo directamente a la salida HDMI y conectar el cable DVI que va al monitor.
  • Just what I was looking for!

    posted by Aritomo

    -Excellent sound quality (with the equipment I have, I couldn't notice any certain difference between headphones, connected directly to laptop and through this splitter. The only thing is that once 2 sets of headphones are connected, the volume level drops a bit - but I don't htinl it's possible to make it any other way)
    -Both resulting channels are stereo! (I expected it to work the old-fashioned way of splitting one stereo channel into two mono and was pleasantly surprised)
    -Looks expensive (even has a Philips print on it)
    Theoretically, since it splits the outgoing audio evenly, sending both channels on each terminal, that might mean, that if used for recording, both channels will be mixed so that each of the two mono channels of one stereo input will contain the sound of both sources. That is not that good for recording, but is ideal for live performances (i.e. having a live webcast of a guitar and voice - you won't have voice panned one way and the guitar another). However, I haven't been able to confirm that yet.
    One of the best buys I've had so far. This thingie should be in everyone's bunch of audiocables
  • Great converter

    posted by cireson

    Very good quality DVI to HDMI adapter. I have mine installed on my Media Center PC on the DVI output to output 720p to my HDTV. The quality of the video is the same as any monitor cable looks, but I don't know about audio quality I'm not using audio over HDMI. The adapter is solidly built and much cheaper than you can get it in the United States.
    What can be said if you need to adapt a DVI connector into a HDMI to connect up to HDTV or other video device this is the adapter you need. I wish I had found this a long time ago, I was using component output before this and had to use custom resolutions for it to look ok on my HDTV.
    I would buy this again if I needed another DVI to HDMI adapter.
  • Great deal

    posted by powerboy3000

    Very good fitment at the connectors!
    great cable for my canon EOS600!!
    does what it needs for great price.
  • cheap price but good product

    posted by raniego

    cheap but good productno shipping fee which is greatworks well
    Recommended product. To those who need this kind of cable, this is definitely worth to buy. ITs very cheap but does the kind of work that other expensive product can.
    I Will definitely buy again if i need one more of this item. Thank you seller. I hope shipping could be faster next time. Its free though so no complain still. Free shipping is awesome legendary...

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