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goigame bluetooth Customers Reviews

  • Good, cheap controller, also for HTPC/Android gaming

    posted by fracdx

    - Good quality at moderate price;- Sturdy enough to play emulated fighting arcade games;- D-Pad keys are even better than a primary-brand similar USB joypad;- Compatible with "Sixaxis Controller" App for Android;- Compatible (Bluetooth mode only) with MotionInJoy (v.6) for Windows;- Compatible with el-cheapo CSR-clone USB BT adapter (dx sku 11866).
    I was initially sceptic about this product, since I was not able to get it working at first try. That was caused by the latest version of MotionInJoy (v.7), incompatible with many DS3 clones. Actually, v.6 version works in Bluetooth mode. I've not yet figured out how to make it work in USB wired mode.I've managed to make it work also under Android (Minix Neo X5, SKU 179604) with Finless ROM 1.2b and "Sixaxis Controller" App. Playing retrogames under Mame4Droid was surprisingly a good experience!
    I needed a cheap and functional wireless controller for my eeePC and my brand new Minix Neo X5. I've found it and I would suggest it as a good deal.
  • Buena relación Calidad/Precio

    posted by [email protected]

    Muy parecido al original de sony en funcionabilidad. Los botones estan bien y la forma del mando es identica al original.Gran precio.
    Peso ligeramente más bajo, pero parecido al original. Frontal color negro y posterior color blanco, los dibujos de los botones son distintos al original (pero eso no es importante). La batería no es tan grande como la del original de sony pero tiene una duración aceptable.
    Recomendable al 99%, bastante contento.
  • Good as second controller

    posted by stakston

    Looks cool. My kids where very excited when they saw it the first time.Works as expected. No issues with any functionality.Ease of use is perfect, just as std PS3 controller
    Nice bargain, perfect as additional controller when you have yhe neighbourhood kids visiting.
  • Good clone, but only work 1 hour

    posted by goramsu

    - Looks like a real PS3 controler with good plastic and a body only on two parts.- Joystick have a good response and don't do anything like they want (go left when try to go up)- Others buttons havec good reaction- Vibrations are OK with "real" sensation, not like many of other clones with toy feeling
    Really ?
    Really ?
  • Great controler

    posted by Xamster

    same feel as the originalplug n`playnice color compi ( i bought the red-white one)uses the same usb cable as the original onesGot delivered faster than expected
    I have to admit that I was really surprised with the product
    Great for its price, i bought it as a secondary controller for player 2, but i ended up using it as a player 1. I loved it and I will order more of those is different colors since it is so cheap.

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