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goggle lens Customers Reviews

  • Outstanding

    posted by TJBambach

    Great qualityHas Ray Ban logoFeels sturdyLooks genuineComes with a case and micro fiber clothDoes not feel like cheap plasticOne of the best Ray-ban knock offs I've seen
    Great bang for your buck ratioThe case is great. Made out of fabric, this thing will keep your glasses protected everywhere you go. Not from Ray-ban though
    Bought this for a friend of mine who is very pleased with the product. If you are looking for a clubmasters knock off, this is probably what you are looking for. Cheap, sturdy and nice
  • Good but flimsy

    posted by Alpamayo

    I bought this glasses for hiking, because they have the short-sighted frame and because they have the flip-on dark lens so that at any moment I can choose to have filtered, and non-filtered light. They are fashionable, good for the money and good for the purpose.
    I think the color lens is not dark enough and that Panlees should offer additional lenses of different color intensity.
    However, you get what you pay for, and for $17.80 you can't be too fussy about it.
  • Good glasses!

    posted by ToTko

    They fit very well on the shape of my head! Don`t let the light break from the top or the bottom. Light and comfortable. The case is very good and keeps the glasses and the lenses safe.
    The small lens frame included is empty and is supposed for dioptric lens. Such lens can be produced in every specialized optician`s. With this option the glasses are very useful for people with dioptre!
    I recommend the glasses for what they are described. Some more information about protection would be very helpful.
  • Excellent goggles and very good looking

    posted by patricitop

    Good variety of colours for different kind of weather and brightness of light. UV protection is excellent. The body is flexible so it is resistant to the change of lenses on an ongoing basis. Good accesories and box. You have the option to insert optical glasses if you got some vision difficulties.
    Lenses adjust tight and secured. Optical accesory is easy to release and to place it again.
    I highly recommend this interchangeable lenses by it's quality, price and usefulness.
  • Very good glasses for driving!

    posted by Orator

    Protect your eyes from the surge in long ride, reasonable price, very comfortable when wearing.Lightweight, large set of interchangeable lenses. useful mix of lens colors provided (clear, amber, neutral grey), second set of frames to facilitate daily change of lens colors, rugged case that actually has room for everything (took me a minute to figure out how to nest two frames in the case with the third lens, so nothing got scratched).The eyes do not get tired, do not blush, no dryness. Ability to set vision glasses frames glasses do very comfortable for people with low vision.
    quite a decent product, the quality is good

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