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  • Very Good

    posted by FelipeLejo

    Good protections above the hand and fingers. Good grip at the palm and it has protection there as well. Good Materials and Quality, very very comfortable.
    Worth the money. Here in Brazil, a glove with less protections costs over 20 dollars. I will buy me another for my Girlfriend! Cheap, cool, well designed, recommended gloves!
    definitely I will continue buying, because I have not found another website that offers the same prices and the same quality, will become a habit for me.
  • Really confortable for your hands

    posted by terraqueo

    The quality of these gloves are reasonable for the price, they are elegant, really comfortable, smooth and useful for a bike ride. It comes in a good plastic bag that can be reused.
    Other colors would be great and they should use a universal size.
    For the price and quality it is a good bet. The issues are the real size of them and the time duration according to the usage.
  • Great Original and Excellent Gloves!

    posted by javierchimelle

    Gloves are original and look great!!!, the quality of the product is excellent!!!, I used it with my mountain bike jumping, in mud and water and gloves remains OK. The grip is very good. Your hand will remain in place all the time!!!. People look at your hands and smile!!!. The package is great the keep them save. The size M fit perfectly for me!!! I bealive they could also be good for motorcycles. I used them every week!!!
    Excellent product!!!, very original!!! Iam happy with them!!!! .
    . .
  • Great for the price!

    posted by menno890

    Very nice gloves they give me excellent grip on the steer. You can use them while it's hot outside but also when it's kind of cold. The half finger design makes them really usefull for smokers and if you want to use your phone real quick you don't have to take them off!
    Shipping was fast in my opinion great service by dx
    I'd really recommend those cheap gloves to anyone riding in hot and cold weather. For this price they're a steal .
  • Cheap but Solid workout gloves

    posted by ghadden

    I use these as weightlifting gloves. They are useful to minimise the calluses and because some of my bars are old, I can avoid the rust, rough tape and general scratches you can get from moving around weights and equipment.They've not frayed or anything under heavy and consistent use. Can be tightened at both the wrist and back of the hand for a firm fit.
    Useful and comfortable for any activity that rubs your palms. There is a layer of material across the palm that pads quite well.
    Useful, cheap and pretty hardy. Can't really go wrong.

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