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glove winter black

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glove winter black Customers Reviews

  • pretty good deal for this price!

    posted by ZoretMan

    -really good price-works as intended-they look fine
    good gloves for touch devices, a little small, it should let you choose the size when you buy them, but they works fine and seems confortable and warmer
    it's a recommended purchase for all that wan't to use their touch devices without taking off your gloves, i've tried them in 2 androids, iphone and ipad
  • Excellent product

    posted by SantiCasares

    The design is nice and elegant, inside it has a very soft material which provides warmth for your hands. The special fabric in 2 fingers on both hands makes it really easy to use without taking them off in a cold day. It adapts to your hands almost perfectly. Really functional.
    The leather and metal details makes them even cooler
    It a very good product, really usefull for people who touch screens all day.
  • Very handy!

    posted by antispam2468

    - Allows you to keep your hands warm whilst still being able to use touch screen devices.
    - Does actually work really well.
    A variety of colours and additional fingers/thumbs for special material would have enhanced the usefullness of this product.
    Does the job.
    If you get cold hands and use a touch screen but find you cannot do so whilst wearing your bog standard gloves, a pair of these will allow you to function the phone properly.

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