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  • Handy but tricky to apply to tablet

    posted by pss2010

    -Sticks well-Reduces some glare-Gives the screen a less smooth feel and softer touch-Hasnt downgrade the touch responsiveness
    -I bought 3. just as well.. the first one wenton a Samsung note 10.1 but took a good hourto align and rid the air bubbles so it gave asharp clean image when on and off elsethe bubbles will ruin the effect-the 2nd one.. I had a mishap.. the tablehad some small particle or dust and I touchit when peeling of the layer with stickyand wasnt able to rid the bits withoutdamaging it more and moreso I used the 3rd one I also had to cut additional hole and a few mils of one endto fit my cheap 9.7 chinese table.. itswider but not as long as 10.1 it cuts welland worked just fine on this tablet- recommend use a plastic ruler to pressand squeeze out the air as you careful roll it down.. you can rub the ruler end to force the glue to spread better and push the air to the edges as well
    Well worth adding to tablet for the price, butI would recommend buying extra one (luckythis is a pack of 3) as when they say can remove it.. and washit I wouldnt recommend it.. as they dontstick as nice a 2nd time and I think theymean dont get the sticky side wet whenwashing either! else it go blurryalso careful with lcd cleaner fluidit will ruin the glue if gets near it ortablet not dry after cleaning
  • Clear glossy screenguard protector for Samsung Galaxy W

    posted by Aurora289

    Easy to apply screen protector. Comes with the cleaning cloth. Has a nice glittery shine to it, makes the phone stand out - compared to just clear plastic.
    I have many positive comments for the look of my 'new' screen. And ultimately it helps to protect my phone screen, that is why I buy in the first place.Price is very reasonable, as local shops cost 4-5 times more.
    Worth buying it.
  • five is better than one

    posted by Kirupa

    - Low price- You get five- each screen protector is protected with 2 pieces of plastic, one on the front and one on the back- you almost don't notice that it is on the screen
    The price is low and having more than 1 is very useful. The first one I tried had dust under it, so I tried the second one and it was perfect.You basically have 5 times to get it right and removes the frustration when one has dust under it.
    If you got a N7100 and want an almost invisible screenprotector... get this set!
  • Great price !!!!!

    posted by regicezar

    It really good and comes with a cleaning little towel to remove any kind of dust before you apply the glossy screen protector on your samsung galaxy tab. I bought because I make a hard use of it... I throw it in the backpack, in tables with the screen facing nasty surfaces, carry it in my pocket (when my pant pocket is bigger enought).
    You could use this in another models of samsung galaxy tabs, like mine samsung galaxy tab P 6210.
    I do not have anything more to put here.
  • very nice and useful for great price

    posted by vanadik

    It has very nice price and quality. I prefer to buy several because I am not used to use it and was wasting one or two before everything is right. This time the first one I spoiled the second went ok. So it is very nice that there are 5 of them in one pack. There are also 5 pieces of fabric to prepare the screen
    I have used a lot of screen protectors. This is just fine as most of the others.
    I am satisfied with this product and would recommend it to my friends


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