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glossy screen guard protector

Every single glossy screen guard protector displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. glossy screen guards protectors 4s or glossy screen guards protectors galaxy contains many hot and popular products. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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glossy screen guard protector Customers Reviews

  • Better tah i had before

    posted by kpurickas

    It fits mine EVO 3D just perfect. EVO 3D has sensitive screen, but this protector didnt made any difference. Also i am happy, that it is clear and it is hard to see it on screnn as it fits perfect. I really recomend it to have with this phone. It arrived fast and was packed good, because it is important that protectors should be in good condition before puting it on screen.
    I had ROCK protector before and it was not so good as this item. And c'mon 5 pcs for such price... Just buy it.
  • Good protection

    posted by CRR01

    It offers enough protection to screen, and it's not very difficult to apply.
    Avoid to fold or damage it. It can happen during handling and transport from DX to you, so try to buy something else that would be flat, hard and about same size to ship together, this will offer some protection to it.
    Good protection, but take care about handling and shipping. Buy more than one.
  • Nice...

    posted by lrgamito

    Good product, easy to put it on, really glossy, but it doesn't reflect when screen is on... Came with some "tools" to help you put it on... Nice price, in my town i can find these for twice the price. Really prevent fingerprints and scratches... Holes fits perfectly.
    For this price, to prevent scratches and protect your screen, its a good product. its a nice product for what it does... i couldn't find any other for this cellphone with this price... you really should give it a try...
    But it if you want a cheap screen protector.
  • Meh

    posted by jezebeltash

    Protects my favorite toy quite well. Screen is still very responsive with both a stylus and my finger (none of that expanding tap that happens with some of these)
    Will give it another go, it's been on there for a while and for the few bubbles that are on there, the edges are still secured down. Longevity is great especially with the amount I lug my tablet around and play with it. (hours daily)
    If you're good at putting these on, get it. If you're not so good at putting them on but can deal with a few bubbles, get it.Otherwise I figure it's luck of the draw/skill set. But a damn fine price!!!
  • Fits the Evo3d

    posted by soso1

    Cheap and easy to use. 3 pieces of protectors with 3 pieces of cleaning cloth. Looks good after applied to the phone screen.
    You get 3 pcs, so if you mess up, you have another 2 tries :)
    I cut from one a small protector for the camera. Now I have one replacement protector and one from which I can cut another small camera protector in future.

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