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glasses lenses Customers Reviews

  • Great replacement for Contour Roam Lens!

    posted by dilyb

    Inexpensive yet well constructed; glass doesn't scratch like plastic discs or lenses so great for optical uses; fits precisely in a Contour Roam Model 1600 and may fit in many others (which is important since Contour went out of business and there are a lot of cameras out there with potential to break/scratch their current lens as I did)
    Getting 10 of these is a godsend. I looked all over for replacements for my broken Contour lens now that the company has tanked ... and nothing found ... until now
    A great value to get 10 of these. Even if I break a couple I have many to spare. I've seen others selling plexiglass covers for Contour cameras for gamers who break the lens with plastic pellet guns ... but this is much better optically ... and cheaper to boot!
  • Don't fit what I got them for.

    posted by dave1960

    Clear glass lens. Round. Flat.
    I have other lights which MAY use them. I did not see a 17.8mm size, only 17.9 and 18.
    I don't have precise measuring tool but these seem to be sub 18 which would make them 17.9
    If you have a light (or several lights) which need 17.9 you should get these!
  • Googles nice for carnival or may be carting

    posted by kazenokage

    Technically are well done, they're like some of the la tests solutions of the middle of '40 I've bough this to restore my grand father original ones and it worked perfectly to that purpose, Soft Padded lining fit it perfectly.
    It's perfect to restore old real gogles like mi ones but out of some cosplay or my use I think that can't go.More than ever the statement: "You have what you pay" fit the mean.
    For next carnival I will make a costume of Porco Rosso (miyazaki) if someone will want do the same this gogles will be cheap and perfect for the purpose.
  • 1st week impression for yellow goggles

    posted by vanilinas

    Week ago received Yelow Goggles, shipment arrives in 3 weeks. This item was out of stock after ordering, week later was shipped.Envelope wasn't damaged and dry.
    Had no yellow lenses before, just when looking to wet surface it looks bit too yellow. Other surfaces and water looks ok - lighter than without. Ideal for cycling in evening.
    Very acceptable price/quality.
  • Wonderful, but too dark for everiday use

    posted by Vorac_thats_me

    ComfortableFit over dioptre glassesHave protected from rain air vents, to cope with condensation
    I got them for cycling, but it appears they are only good in bright light or in snowy environment (in which the UV protection would play it's role).
    I not have experience with ski masks, but this one seems really well made. If you are going to be using them in a snowy environment, buy these immediately!

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