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glass light Customers Reviews

  • Excelent sun glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    posted by CristoR

    -Clear view!!.-Many diferent colors to use in diferent situations-Ligthweight-Flexible frame, to easy change of lenses -High Quality microfiber for clean -Storage case (you can store all the accesories in the case)
    Also has a bag to store the sun glasses and the quality of this bag is also good, everything looks and feels with high quality bulid
    I recomend this lensses , its a good for sports, driving, etc.You Must Have It!!
  • Easy to use, Helpful

    posted by Sierra81

    I'm using these for jewelry making (drilling, setting tiny stones, etc). The focal distance is short, so I could rely only on the 1.5x magnification, but it works great and helps me finish my projects. Now I plan to get the model with 20x magnification soon.I'm a wearer of prescription glasses and I can say the clip-on magnifier is very lightweight and sets easily over my glasses. I had no problem with wearing both.
    The LED light makes everything clearer.I've been using this accessory for several months almost daily and although they seem fragile, they don't break. The quality is good. You just need to handle them properly.
    Great for 1.5x magnification.
  • good product

    posted by pvilan

    ----------------------------------Lightweight----------------------------------Usable for one or two eyes.----------------------------------Good LED lights----------------------------------
    -----------------------------------------------------------------20x is an useful level of magnification, adequate for different types of work.-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Recommend purchase and vendor.----------------------------------------Dx: Please, decrease the required level of minimum 500 words comments!----------------------------------------------------------------
  • collimator

    posted by shownofear29

    I got them fast. The collimators aren't scratched. They have a large hole so seoul p4 will fit. They produce a smooth line which fades into nothing with almost no artifacts.
    I plan on using it to make a bike light with multiple emitters. the only thing i'm concerned with is the throw. the beam of light is not crisp, it fades
    great for bike lights, but reflectors would be better. I just can't find a reflector with this beam pattern.
  • 20X glasses

    posted by focuse24

    Good quality, very usfull for all watch repairs jobs,or any other jobs like electronic, boards examin and repair. The light is very bright and well strong You can adjust it to any face as well.
    Good solution for any one who dealing with watch repairs or delicate electronics or CBs. Worth to pay somme more for this one instead using the ordinery watch repair magnify lens.
    I recomend it for people dealing with delicat repairs.

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