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glass flashlight lens

On this page, you can find a wide selection of glass flashlight lens. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Customers who purchased glass flashlight lens also viewed glass lens pack, frame glass lens. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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glass flashlight lens Customers Reviews

  • mmm, not what I was hoping for

    posted by dztang

    -Nice quality, with nice finish, smooth, round, no nicks or scratches.
    -Actually glass
    -Color is definitely there and can be visible through light.
    I thought that the blue tint would be because the lense made the colour to concentrated so I decided to put a bright white LED through it and I have to say... the colour still looks much more blue than green. This lens will do what you want it to, but in my opinion, its a great blue lens and not very green at all.
    Get it to try, but don't expect very prominent green.
  • perfect with Ultrafire c2

    posted by Predators

    It's the right size for ultrafire c2, broke both my lenses sow i was waiting for these.
    It work, and it keeps the reflector from getting dirty. but if they got Ar coated i would buy them in a second.
  • Better than plastic!

    posted by warlord

    -Much less distortion unlike plastic. Glass also had better clarity.-More scrach resistant than plastic-Many Spares availible in case of breakages

    -better light transmission
    Items came well packaged. Each lens is individually wrapped and they were all stapled together. Swapping out the old plastic one was very fast and easy.
    Noticable improvment for a good price. If you have a plastic lens this is a must.
  • What you see is what you get

    posted by Jangle

    Hmmm... not sure how I'm going to use 500 characters reviewing this little item... well that's a good start I guess. These are exactly as they are described. 10 plain round glass lenses. Well packed with tissue paper between each. Clean and clear and all intact.
    I got them to experiment with how I could diffuse some Cree flashlights I bought. I haven't had much luck.
    I might do a bit more experimenting - At this price I can afford to trash them all.
    They are exactly as they are described.
  • Good enough light

    posted by akg7091

    First, let's look at the main feature.
    This light has movable optics, so that you can focus the light easily.
    Usually, a compromise has to be made between flood and throw, but not with this light. You can adjust it as per the need.
    This has become my favourite cheap light due to this single reason.
    Also, it takes the common AAA batteries, so you can buy replacement batteries in the market unlike lights which use Li ion cells.
    Get this light and throw it in the car's glovebox. It is versatile enough to light both near and far away objects

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