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genuine zippo Customers Reviews

  • I doubt its genuine, but i like it anyway

    posted by MixMix

    - I like the color, its just a nice relaxing red solid matte color.- The zippo print on the cap looks good- You get exacly what you see on the pictures, though it might be from another date than the pictures, mine was made in July 08.- It works- It looks genuine at first impression
    to DX.. You should definitely get more of these solid matte colors in stock. And Genuine "as this one". I know you can get the exact same lighter but in Orange, White (cashmere), Saphire, Lime-green, Green, Pink and Purple.. Those would be nice aswell.. Especially the orange and white one :)
    This lighter looks great.. If you like a plain solid matte color and like zippo's this i really worth to buy.. If you like what you see, then get it.
  • Cool bargain!

    posted by glauciams

    Very nice lighter! identical to the original. The color is AMAZING! People get really amazed, especially when I tell them how much it has costed.
    I really loved the color, and that woths the fingerprints.
    Very nice!
  • great genuine zippo

    posted by hans3387

    - its genuine
    - lights every time if you got fuel in it
    - does'nt blow out in the wind
    - you can use the wool in the zippo as tinder for camping or just to make a fire at home
    - solid build quality
    - its a real zippo for 16 bucks and a real zippo in the zippo store cost me 75+
    - lasts a long time on one tank of fuel
    - wick can be used for up to half a year with regular use for cigarettes and other stuff without replacing
    great for survival and stuff
    this is a really cheap zippo but the could have written in the title that it was a zippo slim model 1600 or just slim, but i have owned a lot of different genuine zippos and could see from the picture that it was a slim.
    it did'nt come in the plastic case in the picture but i'm happy that it came with the cardboard instead because the cardboard show of more style that the cheap plastic shit.
    super awesome lighter for lighting a cigarette or making a camp fire, does'nt use that much fluid but can evaporate over a long time.
  • Great looking zippo lighter

    posted by rezeph

    Looks really good, well build and solid
    The price is a pro too, because in my country it's two times more for these little lighters
    I don't know if it's real or fake, but it really looks genuine, and it produce fire, that's everything i ask it to do.
    Buy it if you need it ! You will also need sku. 4049 (flint & wick) to keep it doing it's job for years ....................!
  • The real deal

    posted by mionisation

    + This is my first zippo, but I compared it with others from friends and I can assure you that it's not a fake. In fact, I've heard that in the US those are even cheaper, but in my country they are far more expensive+ very stilish+ good build quality, good price+ makes *clickk*+ draws attention
    it's also fun to play with it. check youtube for zippo videos
    if you need one and don't live in the US, don't miss it

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