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genuine zippo oil Customers Reviews

  • authentic easy Zippo

    posted by bIabbuh

    This is an authentic Zippo lighter. I don't really know what more to say about this item except that it's everything a Zippo promises to be. You get the authentic quality and when you open the cap it makes that iconic "click" sound. It's cheaper than going out to a store to buy. I didn't want the regular sized one so I ordered this slightly smaller one and I love it.
    This item is great if you want to buy a plain Zippo for something like engraving, it saves you the money engraving stores tend to overcharge. I would totally buy this item again for a gift or if I just feel like having an extra one on hand.
    Authentic product. Great price. What more could you ask for? Since you're already here, I recommend adding one to your shopping cart, it's only a click away.
  • Very nice looking blue matte color zippo lighter

    posted by jopjop03

    -nice build-genuine zippo (if not, very high quality knock off)-very nice color-matte finish might need some getting used to if you want to do some tricks with the zippo.
    good buy. Price is what im ready to pay for a zippo lighter.
    Good looking, good feeling, price is bit highish, works like a charm even when its windy. Remember to close lid properly before putting this in your pocket though.
  • Very nice Zippo

    posted by peyo007

    I bought it more than a month ago and it's still working very good, my friend love it.I offered it to a friend as a gift and he's very happy.Price Rating:4: Because we can always get cheaperEase-of-use Rating:5: Come on, it's a zippo! But... You can lose your hand using it (see 4 rooms movie when the zippo don't work.. lol ^^) Build Quality Rating:5: Look like a real oneUsefulness Rating:5: A lighter is always usefulOverall Rating:5 because there's no 4,5/5 ratting
    Buy it if you like it ;-)
  • I doubt its genuine, but i like it anyway

    posted by MixMix

    - I like the color, its just a nice relaxing red solid matte color.- The zippo print on the cap looks good- You get exacly what you see on the pictures, though it might be from another date than the pictures, mine was made in July 08.- It works- It looks genuine at first impression
    to DX.. You should definitely get more of these solid matte colors in stock. And Genuine "as this one". I know you can get the exact same lighter but in Orange, White (cashmere), Saphire, Lime-green, Green, Pink and Purple.. Those would be nice aswell.. Especially the orange and white one :)
    This lighter looks great.. If you like a plain solid matte color and like zippo's this i really worth to buy.. If you like what you see, then get it.
  • Great zippo

    posted by khazikstan

    Excellent build quality as with every ZippoGenuine Zippo (There is a lot of controversy around this)Windproof, good survival lighterLifetime warranty, you break it they fix it, no matter what the reason for it breakingVery Very reliable lights nearly every time when properly filled with gas and maintained
    Could come with a few extra flints
    Great lighter highly highly recommend to allIf you are a tramper you shouldn't leave the house without one of these, great fire lighter, reliable

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