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genuine zippo oil lighter

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genuine zippo oil lighter Customers Reviews

  • Genuine or not-REALLY GOOD QUALITY

    posted by Tendo8002

    - really nice surface (i love it's purple gloss)- very good price (in my country it's way more expensive)- seems to be genuine, has all the genuine markings,made of quality materials- lifetime guarantee
    I wrote "seems to be genuine", because i can't really say whether it's genuine or not. There are things which made me pause. 1. the slightly loose shutter. i can move it when it's closed. the shutter of my other zippo isn't movable when closed.2. the engraving of the oil tank: the engraving of my definitely genuine zippo is of a better quality. the copyright logo of my DX zippo is almost a dot and not a "R"but i think the flint stone is real, so it's not one of those fake ones on DX
    So overall i would say it's genuine, it's definitely worth buying it.
  • Very nice looking blue matte color zippo lighter

    posted by jopjop03

    -nice build-genuine zippo (if not, very high quality knock off)-very nice color-matte finish might need some getting used to if you want to do some tricks with the zippo.
    good buy. Price is what im ready to pay for a zippo lighter.
    Good looking, good feeling, price is bit highish, works like a charm even when its windy. Remember to close lid properly before putting this in your pocket though.
  • I doubt its genuine, but i like it anyway

    posted by MixMix

    - I like the color, its just a nice relaxing red solid matte color.- The zippo print on the cap looks good- You get exacly what you see on the pictures, though it might be from another date than the pictures, mine was made in July 08.- It works- It looks genuine at first impression
    to DX.. You should definitely get more of these solid matte colors in stock. And Genuine "as this one". I know you can get the exact same lighter but in Orange, White (cashmere), Saphire, Lime-green, Green, Pink and Purple.. Those would be nice aswell.. Especially the orange and white one :)
    This lighter looks great.. If you like a plain solid matte color and like zippo's this i really worth to buy.. If you like what you see, then get it.
  • authentic easy Zippo

    posted by bIabbuh

    This is an authentic Zippo lighter. I don't really know what more to say about this item except that it's everything a Zippo promises to be. You get the authentic quality and when you open the cap it makes that iconic "click" sound. It's cheaper than going out to a store to buy. I didn't want the regular sized one so I ordered this slightly smaller one and I love it.
    This item is great if you want to buy a plain Zippo for something like engraving, it saves you the money engraving stores tend to overcharge. I would totally buy this item again for a gift or if I just feel like having an extra one on hand.
    Authentic product. Great price. What more could you ask for? Since you're already here, I recommend adding one to your shopping cart, it's only a click away.
  • Very nice Zippo

    posted by peyo007

    I bought it more than a month ago and it's still working very good, my friend love it.I offered it to a friend as a gift and he's very happy.Price Rating:4: Because we can always get cheaperEase-of-use Rating:5: Come on, it's a zippo! But... You can lose your hand using it (see 4 rooms movie when the zippo don't work.. lol ^^) Build Quality Rating:5: Look like a real oneUsefulness Rating:5: A lighter is always usefulOverall Rating:5 because there's no 4,5/5 ratting
    Buy it if you like it ;-)

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