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Buy quality genuine replacement samsung at our online store at low prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. If you want to find more genuine replacement samsung related products, you can find them by browsing samsung replacement tab, replacement digitizer samsung. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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genuine replacement samsung Customers Reviews

  • I can hear again!

    posted by Grogdor

    Quality direct replacement for a vital part of your phone at a good price.
    My phone indicated that there was headphones always plugged in, meaning that I couldn't hear any sounds or phone calls through the normal earpiece! Dmesg on the phone showed fluctuating "audio jack ADC level" readings. Intermittently, I would get audio through the speaker/earpiece, but then the "headphones" would magically "plug" themselves back in. If I actually did plug in headphones, I could hear the proper audio through them.I figured the headphone jack was worn out, as they are only rated for 500 cycles. I took the phone apart and cleaned some white, powdery corrosion from the connectors which helped a bit but did not completely solve the issue.Installing this part has solved my audio problems, all is now working well.
    If your phone is having the issues described above, you may need this.
  • PERFECT! U can trust, its original!

    posted by a790gx

    Unbeliavable but this is actually a original battery!i can assure by using and because the price is very high compared to amazon(eighteen dollars there).
    has NFC like the original one.Took 3:30 hours on original charger to completely recharge(at the first time and so on)
    perfect for places like Brazil that put 200,00 on samsung local retailers and authorized technical services price
  • Cannot buy a new camera for that price

    posted by LangeWim

    It looks to me like a genuine part. It fits whitout any problem in my ES10 as a replacement for my cracked display.
    My advice to also buy a pincet and a tiny philips screw driver at DX. You will need that to get things in place.Check the internet for a movie how to replace the display. The connector in the camera is very fragile.
    For that price, you cannot buy a new camera. It is worth a try even if you fail.
  • Great Deal

    posted by CassianoRosario

    I already have my camera back to service with the new display i buy at DX. The content as been delivery as such dealer info. Very well packed and high quality sending condition, (a little box securely managed for the delicate display). This way secure travel conditions are greatly garanted. This was something i was afraid off. But i have been surprised with finest sending conditions. Just for this, HLY-GRANT (sender) is highly recomended.OverSea shipping takes it´s time. More than one month for me, SINGAPUR - PORTUGAL. But it is Normal. The system track information takes is time also. But i get informed (after 5 days) for the shipement status. But the good point is the fact shipping is free with very fine sending conditions. So time must be present. Very great deal since price is very affordable.
    The display looks like trully genuine. Every detail is as is from the original replaced one. I get it working in no time. I just follow steps from REPARATUR in youtube, since he explain very well how to replace the broken display. The link (i am sure it can helps someone) for that is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALlq-LAHS-8
    Great Deal since price is very affordable and it looks like genuine equipement. Get it working perfectly. Very satisfied.
  • Just what you'd expect

    posted by Neowizard

    First off, it works. After almost a month, still kicking.Sound's just as good as the original. Replacing it took only a small screw driver, and was as easy as it get (this is more of a pro for the Galaxy I9000, but still it's important to know).
    I broke my speaker while using "Spirit FM" radio application (see their warning on the download page). Replacing the module fixed it (so it's not a software/mainboard/chip issue, but a dead module). If you too lost your ringer to that app, replacing the module will work (and it's easy).Came inside and anti-static plastic bag in a small (recycled, IIRC) brown cardboard box. Simple and a bit eco-friendly, better than nothing.
    Got a galaxy I9000 with a dead ringer - Get this one and replace it yourself. It's extremely rewarding and you get to enjoy your mobile again.

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