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genuine replacement iphone

Check out the great genuine replacement iphone to see if there is any that suits you. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. iphone 3g replacement or iphone replacement cover may offer more options for you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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genuine replacement iphone Customers Reviews

  • Very good!

    posted by Cybot

    - Original. Fits perfectely. - Real chrome / metal. Not a cheap plastic one.- Free shipping!
    You still need some epoxy glue to attach this piece to the bottom plastic part of the iPhone 3G.
    If you're looking for a nice metal bezel for you're iPhone 3G, then buy this one. DealExtreme is also selling a cheaper one for like 6 bucks, but that one does NOT fit. You better pay some more for this one and be sure that it fits. Thank you DX!
  • good

    posted by mazdalex

    quality at the highest level from the original almost not ??????????. excellent replacement if you want to change the frame.
    if you decide to change your frame on my iphone, it is not necessary to run in the service. there is ??????. if you know how to use the techniques, you can buy it here and change themselves. but this will have to disassemble almost all of the phone and have to buy a set of tools to disassemble the iphone/. so you will get the job done faster and better.
    excellent frame . almost like the original.
  • Excellent

    posted by filipegv

    Execelente product, actually seems to be genuine as compared my broken LCD with this product and it really is 100% similar in both the physical product and the quality of the image and touch.
    I recommend the product because it is very worthwhile. I even changed and not had any problems with the exchange. You also only need to buy a kit of tools as a very small screwdriver and some tweezers to pull the screen.
  • Good product, but not what I needed!

    posted by evileyeleen

    Buttons are sturdy and of good quality. They are the correct buttons for the iPhone 4.
    I wanted to repair the power button which seemed to have lost its spring and no longer registered when pressed, but this ended up not being the part that I needed. Turns out I needed this part instead: Power Flex Cable sku 117069
    good quality parts but keep in mind that these are just the button covers and may not be the part you need to fix your issue
  • Great replacement!

    posted by trapveer

    This Iphone 3G lower dock assembly fits great, it's just like the original part. It replaces the microphone, the speaker, and the dock connector. Easier to replace this whole part, than trying to fix only the mic or the speaker. Great deal for the price.
    I ordered this item with three other items, and the part was taped on top of my order, not protected at all. I replaced the broken part in my iPhone, and with the testing I found out, that the microphone of the new part was broken. Possibly this is from the poor packaging. But DealExtreme made no problem of it, and had the item replaced. 1 week later, I received the new part, packed in a protecting enveloppe, and this item works great.
    For this money, repairing an iPhone (within 30 minutes) is really great. If the Microphone, or speaker, or the dock connector fails, you should try this part first. It's really worth the try for less than 10 USD.
    It's not hard to replace, you can find instruction videos and text on the internet, I've worked with a instruction with photos from the internet, and replaced the part step by step.
    Put all the little screws on a white paper. Use a little magnetic screwdriver for pulling the little screws out of the housing.
    Great deal. Thanks deal extreme!

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