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gas stove Customers Reviews

  • Very compact. Works well

    posted by desolder

    I have no complaints. It just works. It uses standard threaded (Lindal valve) camping gas cartridges. You can really turn it up to heat things quickly, or turn it down to do a gentle simmer. The three wings swing out and support small and medium sized pans. It doesn't support large pans very well, but that's not a con given the small size.Speaking of size - this is REALLY small. They did a great job with the packaging of it.
    Works great. You won't be disappointed.
  • Useful Product

    posted by shing97

    I bought this adapter because I want to save money by using cheaper butane canisters. This adapter exactly fit my need. It is made of stainless steel, so it should be durable. With the long tube, the canister can be away from the stove, being put outside of the windshield, that is much safer. It is not a tall stand, so the stove is safer.
    It is compact.
    Useful and compact adapter, but using with care.
  • I like it

    posted by jark2

    -Seems to be nearly identical to the MSR Whisperlite Ultimate (though perhaps a bit heavier)- Does what it says it will do- I tested it with Coleman Premium White gas and also with Isobutane canisters, they both work great.
    I took this camping last weekend and it worked well. Quality seems to be better than most of the DX cheap stuff, and there doesn't seem like there is much on it that can break. O-rings and such should be easily replaceable with MSR parts if necessary.
    For the money, this is a great alternative to the MSR Whisperlite Ultimate.
  • Great Oil/Gas stove

    posted by fsaad1984

    Overall quality is good, the stove itself is very stable and can handle large diameter pans. Another pro is that the stove and bottle are separate so that they can be stored in different places in your backpack for example.
    carrying bag might be a little bigger or differently shaped to fit al the separate tools and loose stuff a little better.
    Great product and useful for anyone who loves to go outdoors some times and does not like to pay $$ for one-time-usable butane/propane bottles.
  • Pretty good

    posted by isotco

    It works and it brings water to boiling pretty quickly.
    Due to its covered construction it resists wind better than regular butane stoves.
    The pre-heating tube makes it viable for use in cold weather conditions as well making it able to use liquid butane fuel from an overturned gas canister.
    The piezo electric ignitor works well once it is properly adjusted.
    Leg construction is pretty stable and it has rubber inserts to give it more traction.
    Replaced the faulty one and got one that is significantly better, although not entirely without issues.
    Good little lpg stove, if you get a good one.

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