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gas stove Customers Reviews

  • Practical Stove

    posted by MarcioM2

    Small size and light. Very easy to carry it during a trekking or backpacking trip. The small size let you easily find a space inside your backpack...Carrying box is practical and fits well.
    Good option to a backup gas stove during a trip that there is somebdy caring another one.Do not think these must be your primary gas stove...
    Cheap, light and practical... A good option for a backup or second gas stove during backpacking and trekking trips!!!
  • Useful Product

    posted by shing97

    I bought this adapter because I want to save money by using cheaper butane canisters. This adapter exactly fit my need. It is made of stainless steel, so it should be durable. With the long tube, the canister can be away from the stove, being put outside of the windshield, that is much safer. It is not a tall stand, so the stove is safer.
    It is compact.
    Useful and compact adapter, but using with care.
  • Great camping oven for less price

    posted by pabarchi

    The stove comes in a good package it looks nice and is very useful. After opening and using a couple of times I disscard the box and the packaging.
    It comes with a practical bag for the stove and with the maintenance kit that could be great when you are far away from the civilization.
    The construction seems fine and the flame is ok compared with simmilars camping stoves. I tried before one of the 3 letters stove and the function is simmilar.
    The base with 26 cm diameter capacity is fine for the most used camping application.
    The metallic pump looks more strenght that the plastic ones.
    The main capacity is to use it with liquid and gas combustible, it comes with the adaptator for propane and butane carafe.
    The o´rings and the shaker cleaner is nice, you do not need to open the body to clean the stove, just shake vigorously and the needle will uncover the gas tube.
    When you want to boil water it got high temperature very fast, is ideal if you are somewhere where there is no potable water and you need to boiled it for five or ten minutes before drinking.
    The same is if you are in high mountain place and you need to melt the ice to obtain liquid water.
    The five hundred cubic centimeters is nice if you want to pass some days outside, but if you want to use it harder, you mus consider the refill of tjhe bottle or carry another fuel bottle.
    The multi-fuel capacity is amazing, you can run it with propane or butane gas flask or with very different liquid combustibles, like lead free or premium gasoline, kerosene, thinner or alcohol.
    It takes some minutes in get hot and after that you obtain a very good flame. Sometimes you need to re-open the gas valve if the stove is not really hot
    Water boil very fast on the stove, it take less that in the home kitchen.
    With a wind stopper it works better in open space, I did that with a aluminum sheet and it run OK.
    If you want to save the liquid fuel consider that in the fuel line there are enough combustible for 1-2 more minutes. You can turn off in advance and wait for the end of the flame.
    If you want to heat water o cook in camping, high mountain or just traveling I think this stove is nice and cheaper that other commercial brands that are more expensive.
    At last but not least i recommend this camping stove if you want to go outside for some camping day and strongly recommend it if you are a traveler and want to save some bucks in cooking.
  • Very compact. Works well

    posted by desolder

    I have no complaints. It just works. It uses standard threaded (Lindal valve) camping gas cartridges. You can really turn it up to heat things quickly, or turn it down to do a gentle simmer. The three wings swing out and support small and medium sized pans. It doesn't support large pans very well, but that's not a con given the small size.Speaking of size - this is REALLY small. They did a great job with the packaging of it.
    Works great. You won't be disappointed.
  • perfect for outdoor, light and reliable

    posted by flyingrooster

    It includes enclosure box it's very easy to transport. It difuses flames, so it's safer for aluminun pans. Piezo starter works perfectly. It also has a rubber ring in order to avoid gas losses.
    Enclosure could be smaller in order to reduce space in your backpack. It is neccesary to avoid wind expossition in order flames transmit maximun power.
    Perfect for my outdoor excursions, I usually camp over 2500m and it's perfect for cooking soap, eggs, or spaguetti.


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