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gas soldering Customers Reviews

  • good gas powered soldering iron

    posted by electronicholas

    - this was actually a good set, not for extended use of course - I got this to keep it in my car for occasional repairing, or fire starting while campingfor other jobs I just use electric one but in the car, I am limited to gas powered
    takes a lot of types of gas, doesn't mind as long as you start it with maximum debit
    i think this was a good deal, don't know if I would recommend to someone
  • Perfect to D.I.Y.

    posted by Hamtec

    Very easy to use, and very fast to refilling. He uses bottled butane gas cylinders used for lighters.
    It has reduced weight, and function torch is great for heating small parts or even remove some SMD components is done with some care.
    As always, another good option. Recommended for those who enjoy D.I. Y.
  • Great gas torch for alround hobbys!

    posted by KreAture

    Great set of accessories.
    Can be used as a soldering-iron!
    The hot-knife is great for cutting and welding the ends of nylon rope.
    The narrow shape makes it comfortable to hold.
    Gas capacity is large so you can work for a long time without refilling.
    The gas flow could be regulated a tad better by a expansion-chamber, but otherwise it works very well.
    There could also be more accessories for wood-etching.
    If you need a reliable gas-torch this is a good candidate.
  • Post a review for 10-in-1 Multi-Functional Self-Ig

    posted by alecszav

    I bought this product. Intended for use with open flame and closed. works better as a soldering iron. Useful where there is no electricity. helps to warm up before the soldering iron. Initially suffering well. Then came through again. gas consumption a little. cylinders are suitable only for cigarette lighters.
    Good quality. A good instrument for specialists
    Practically use less than thought.
  • Great tool

    posted by Zanga2

    Great for soldering outside the house. For example working at a car, or doing electric repairs to a wiring where electric power is not yet connected. I also have bought this gas powered soldering iron to use it where a normal electric one would fail. Some of the advantages are:
    - Very fast heat-up
    - Easy to recharge (a can of gas give a lot of uses and it's not as heavy as carrying rechargeable batteries with you)
    - Tree tips included:
    * small soldering tip
    * large soldering tip
    * precision flame
    - Lightweight, compact, no wires, can be used in thigh places.
    - Gas flow can be precisely adjusted only with one hand.
    - Has included stand
    - the bottom of the reservoir is transparent so you can see if you have gas left in it and how much.
    Just buy it, if you need it.


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