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gas ignition Customers Reviews

  • Works well

    posted by fdg965

    Pro'sKit Auto Ignition Gas Soldering Iron Torch is very portable as im a site engineer. It does not need any electrical power to start it up.It has a built-in auto-igniter so you can start soldering anytime, anywhere.
    Good for those with hard to find electricity. There no need for cables. Couldnt remember how long it last but definitely last long enough for a single session.
    Buy it if you are always travelling that requires you to solder. Awesome built. Cheaper than my local DIY store with the same brand.
  • Ok soldering kit.

    posted by munchern

    Heats up fast, har room for alot of gas.Works for a long time before you have to refill it with gas. Igniter works good.
    If youre going to use it now and then for small solderingjobs, its good. I would not order it if i was to use it in my job or every day.
    Ok soldering kit, ok price!
  • Practical. Useful. Cheap.

    posted by SScout

    It work with high gas cartridges and has simple installation procedure: "Push and Turn".Simple in use with Piezo ignition and wide range of power change.It has wide range of use.I use it for:- start fire in barbeque and in forest camp (There is a winter in my country now);- welding;- for work with metal to make it more flexible;- in handcrafting for heating parts if it is needed (I were use my kitchen stove before I buy this gas torch).
    I like it.
    I recommend to buy this gas torch.Gas torch as this have bigger price in shop near with me.
  • Excellent for brazing and heating metal

    posted by Jotman

    The torch provides a strong hot flame. I was able to heat a knife blade in less than 10 seconds ready for quenching. The ignition switch worked first time and every time. You dont need to press the ignite switch more than once after turning the gas on. Build quality is decent, the plastic moldings are quite nice.
    Seems to work well, does what I need it to do. No complaints
    At this price, can't complain. There are no deal breakers here, just a few annoying things which are more of an inconvenience rather than an issue.

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