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game pack Customers Reviews

  • Brain Teaser Metal Rings

    posted by RenatoJorge

    Cheap20 gamesgood instructions in each gameseparated individually
    when i bought i thought it would be 20 different games...but ok, it was to offer to my studentsif you want 20 different games, this is not what you are looking forif you want do keep some and offer others, it is a good pack of games
    Buyit has good qualitya simple present but it is cool for people that enjoy it
  • Great Dice

    posted by DMerc

    All were evenly formed and no sharp edges. numbers all painted with out excess slop.Color was all consistent, across all the dies.
    Now if only they will roll in my favor.
    Much cheaper than the local store. They were selling them for twice the price They look like exactly the same dice. the only thing that was missing form, the local store was the small plastic tube the dice came in.
  • Nice pile of dices and cheap

    posted by Ratovaari

    10 single colored dices for less than half the price these usually cost. Color is nice and numbers are clear and easy to see. The sound they keep is nice.
    Not only can these be used in a role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, I also use these as a level counter in Munchkin. You could also find other uses for these. Why not play Yahtzee with D10? Plenty of uses for brilliant mind and little thinking.
    Extremely nice dices. I think I'm ordering these some time soon.
  • Well, these are dice.

    posted by Liibra

    -Very high cuteness level.-Very decorative in a little glass jar.-Good quality built, I didn't see any trace from the mold. They are smoooooth!-You can use them as dice or make bracelets, earrings or necklaces with them.-Several colors.
    I bought one pack and gave one half to my sister as a present. She blue-tacked it on her wall, forming a shooting star. It looks nice.Personnally, I took a little phial and put three in them so I can carry them. I use them for role-play books.Well, it could be a little cheaper, but it's fine, really.
    They are dice and work nicely. No visible irregularities or something.
  • Cardridge cases for ds

    posted by tiddles

    These cases for ds games are good. My friend kids loved them. They were nice colours.They are good because you can fit 6 games each in a box.so at least you can take a box of games on your travels if you go places.
    These are a good price. Ok if you have more than 2 children. With ds .as you know they always loose the games.at least they gave got these to put them in.
    Mint item . Great price my friends and family like them.especially if you have a few ds in the house.

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