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game mini Customers Reviews

  • Great

    posted by niki7six

    I really love it. The pieces are nicely done with great design and look very pretty, I'm really impressed. It's the best chess I've seen coming from China.
    Some people said it was too small. Well, it's the standard size of a small pocket chess set. It's not smaller. I have another chess with the same board size but the pieces are much smaller and uglier, so I'm very happy with this chess here.
    Get it you won't regret it.
  • A small bag of tiny dice, in bright colors

    posted by LagniManiac

    They're TINY!! - 5mm dice - that's small.Built well - All of mine are nice even squares, with the dots etched in nicely, slightly rounded corners.They're colourful - my 50 came in a nice assortment of colours, just like in the photos.
    I have absolutely no intention of using these for gaming - I will probably give away or sell some, and buy more, in this size, or the 6, or 8 mm varieties, or the 100 packs of unspecified size.I might fill up the small translucent bear coin bank I have (also from DX), or use a bunch of these to make some "dot art".Just like in the picture, the dots on the light green dice are red, instead of black. I guess maybe someone pressed the wrong button for a batch of light grren dice at the factory? whatever the reason, it's cool.
    Tiny dice for a not so tiny price, but still worth it, IMHO.
  • My review for Mini Game multimedia player console

    posted by erwinsumargo

    Ok, plays picture well,
    some of the movies get stucked, gotta reset by unplugging the power adaptor, some other plays well
    some nes games playable... also included some games inside though named with chinesse character
    gameboy games played well...
    none yet
  • Tiny but quite well made

    posted by Nephiel

    These are tiny but quite well made. Rounded corners, no noticeable sharp edges or mold markings, pips well placed and quite well painted so they stand out and are easily readable despite the size.
    I got 88 dice rather than 50, but I'm not complaining :D
    Definitely recommended. Why not keep a few on a spy capsule on your keyring?

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