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game keys Customers Reviews

  • Awesome!!

    posted by ArturoSj

    This is a very good keyboard, easy to use, it feels good and soft, the leds are awesome and you can change it and change de lightness too. This keyboard has all the necessary to be gaming keyboard. It is very light and it doesnt slip. It really makes me want to use it all the time. It has only 3 colors and the red color rocks.
    I like that you can block the windows key while you are playing. The colors are awesome
    Very good product
  • Very Good

    posted by marcellosacht

    The finish is good quality and the design is arguably perfect. The lights change color according to the level of DPI that the user chooses, and the sensor of the mouse does not require necessarily a smooth surface: it works perfectly in irregular swaddling, tables with relevant grooves and (gasp) even on glass. The buttons work perfectly well and assist in everyday use as much time to play
    Although seem very robust, the mouse is soft and comfortable. Perfect! Not tributed in Brazil... =)
    Buy, it is worth MUCH!
  • A good product

    posted by goireland123

    For the price you get a sturdy built mouse and keyboard, both light up and whatever you need, the keys on the keyboard are also quite nice, not the best but they work great.The mouse also has a braided wire, and both have gold plated USB ends.
    The lighting on the keys could be improved, they do not light up very consistently, but if you are sitting in a dark room, and mainly focusing on the screen, you will not notice it, its only minor, plus the brightness can be changed. (The keys on the keyboard each get lit up individually however)
    Bottomline is the keyboard is great, its large and good looking, and the mouse also would suit a large handed person, such as myself.Very pleased with the purchase, I am still using them both and they work just as well as they ever did.
  • It's very good and light. It is pretty great in a price like this!

    posted by TyronPogi

    Very Light, the mouse feels great in my hand because it is not that small not that big. the mouse changes lights like every second. the keyboard feels comfortable to type on and doesn't make loud noises when you type, and it is very good for gaming
    It would've been better if the keyboard has lights too
    the whole package is great, i like it. it didn't take too long to be delivered (I'm in Australia, btw) and also, the logo is pretty good. it is not just printed, and cannot be scratched off easily
  • Beautiful mouse

    posted by marcellosacht

    Nice design. - Good price. - Nice grip. - Adjustable DPI. - Cool looking LED lights and logo is lit up.
    Like mentioned above, would be nice if the user was able to turn off the LED lights manually, now its on all the time.
    Good mouse for a nice price, the design can be compared with the bigger and known brands although its a fraction of the price. Good response rate and had no errors so far on Windows 7.

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