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  • Simple yet good controller module

    posted by kasperk

    * Really simple to use with Arduino or similiar platform* Reliable even when turning quickly* Works as a push button, apart from the obvious joystick function
    I've connected this to an Arduino Nano together with a 433 MHz transmitter in order to get a simple remote control unit for various robots that I build. The X and Y pins should be connected to analog input ports on the Arduino. The Z pin (which indicates whether the button is pressed or not) should be connected to a digital input port. The + pin goes to 5V port (it's possible that 3.3 works as well, but I haven't tried this) and the - pin goes to GND.
    Great module for remote controls and similiar projects, but it should've been cheaper.
  • Good sound quality and comfort

    posted by ricko3d

    Best cheap one ear voice control headset for PS4, c'mon is just 8.55 isn't that cheap enought. they give you an excelent experience while gaming on PS4 conected to your controler. Colors ara just right and couldn't be better. Built is a little bit cheap but for the price i dont care, just because the sound is really good, not like Boss or any other expensive (really expensive) headphones but make chat and voice control really easy.
    There is nothing to think, if you need a headset for voice control for PS4 and have 9 bucks to spend on it then this is the one you need, 100% compatible, proved even can use it for your cellphone.
    Just don't put it on your backpack or suitcase because it will brake, mine is in perfect condition after weeks of playing.
  • Amazing to say the least

    posted by Renascentcolleg

    They are better than the $250 gamecom headphones I bought less than a year ago, and outsiders cannot hear what I am listening to even at highest volume.
    Recommend to anyone and everyone
    Even for music they're better than most other headphones I've tried (I've only tried 1 pair better and they are $400)

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