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  • Perfect to store game cards!

    posted by silverspoon

    + Nice and colourful.
    + Saves your game cards from dust and scratches while they are not in use.
    + Could be used for other items such as SIM cards, Micro SD cards etc.
    + Very low price and they come in a lot of 5 cases.
    + Transparent, so we could see which case has what game.
    When you pay $30-40 for your games it's only logical to keep them safe from dust and scratches. You only pay a very small amount of money and could get 5 of these to protect your games. It's a win deal, I highly recommend them to keep your game cards fresh and new for longer duration of time.
    Just buy them and keep your game cards safe and secured.
  • VERY happy with my purchase

    posted by stewie75

    i bought this to hold my games because I don't like having to go in and out of the stack of cases just to play a game for a bit. it is very sturdy and secure, doesn't feel cheap at all. games never come out, it never opens and I can't imagine a game getting broken inside the case.
    great case for the money and what you're getting. would be $10 in gamestop easily here in the US. great value.
    extremely good value in this purchase, it seems small but it's one of those nice things to have with your ds or 3ds, keep all your games in one spot, esp if you're on the road.
  • For people with a ton of DS cartridges

    posted by Sakokuruto

    Holds a TON of games (16!!!). Doesn't hold the games so tightly that you have to wrestle it out, but holds it just firmly enough so that the games don't fall out. Doesn't look like it's going to break any time soon (unless you purposely want to of course). Perfect if you have a lot of games, and you just want to keep them all in one place. Not too bulky either.
    When I got my DSi, I wasn't planning to get so many games. As it turns out, I just found a lot of great games that I just got to own. I already have 2 cases that are about half the size of this and they hold 8 total, which doesn't work for me anymore. Now I'm going to use those two as back up cases just in case I ever get MORE than 16 games.
    A lot cheaper than what you would find at GAMESTOP or other places. Just go ahead and get it. You never know, you just might collect a ton of cartridges like me overtime.
  • Great

    posted by Steveen

    -Holds all DS game cards
    -See through
    -Holds games well enough that they don't fall out
    -Games are displayed like pages, case pages are back to back
    -Case is tight closing, will not open when dropped
    -Square shaped
    Does job well, There is a thin large area square indent on the front and back of the case, maybe you could put a square sticker?
    Get it if you need to put a case for all your games. Or if you want to store your games somewhere, it's square shaped.
  • Very nice

    posted by stewie75

    this works perfectly. fits a lot of games, and the best part it's a very inexpensive price. I have no doubt my 3DS games will be protected in this. fits DS games as well. a snug fit so you don't think it'll wiggle lose and fall out or even open without you wanting it to.
    Very Good
    if you need one and can wait a few weeks, don't hesitate. I ordered mine and received in 2 weeks exactly. it works perfect, holds the games securely, and can hold a LOT of games. ideal if you have a lot of games and don't want to carry all the individual cases around.


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