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galaxy usb cable Customers Reviews

  • Good solution for charging & data transfer

    posted by yossiz74

    First of all, it works just fine with my Galaxy S2. Just plug it in and it starts charging. Data transfer also works well (on Windows 7 PC), didn't need any drivers or messing around with cryptic settings. Quality seems good, both of the cable itself and the attachments.The length - almost 1 meter long - comes in very handy.And finally, the price is excellent, considering the fact that an original Samsung cable costs 10 times as much, and does the same thing!
    I bought a lot of cables online. I had my share of non-working or non-compatible cables. Glad this one is working well.
    A no-brainer purchase for Galaxy S2/S3 owners. Good cable at an amazing price. You should order a few - one for work, one for home, one for traveling... at that price, why not?
  • Great product

    posted by peecis

    It really has lot off power! Could not measure full load, because my samsung galaxy note 3 is not taking more than 1.7 A, but if charger can provide 1.7 A for prolonged period, I am fully satisfied.Cable and charger quality looks good.
    Have not tested with two phones connected, never had such need.
    Not all chargers provide promised current, but this one does, that is why I recommend to buy it!
  • exactly what i needed

    posted by mdbreck

    I plugged it into my phone and then my computer and it functions well with the S3. It charges, transfers data,and lets you use your phone just like the factory cable.The wovwn cover has kind of a cool "retro" look kind of like the cloth covered wires of the 40s.The price was great compared to the prices here and with free shipping how could you go wrong.
    since this is just a plain wire there's no possible copyright violations or public in French Montana like that.The previous sentence doesn'tmake sense but i couldn't get it to erase.
    the bottom line is the product is good and its cheap. Buy one.
  • Works as expected

    posted by maubarra

    - Cable seems made of good materials- It's cheap- Use it on my Galaxy note to connect USB flash memory and USB Hard drive. Both worked correctly
    If your are going to use this on a Note 3 like me, just remember that Android does not read NTFS file systems. Not by default at least. There are developers that have done some work on that but I haven't tried yet.
    Good cable. Buy it if you need to connect external drives or mouse/keyboard to you Note
  • The holder is just fine, the charger is not!

    posted by durikg

    The holder is well built, it holds the Galaxy S2 very well (but you have to take off your protective case, naturally). It sticks well to the front glass of the car, and even the Israeli sun cant harm it. When the charger worked it was working great with WAZE while charging at the same time. More to that in the cons...
    I have to look for another car charger now.... :(
    The holder is just fine, the charger is not!
    Mixed feelings about this product. The build quality is not even.

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