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Finding your favorite galaxy tab is easy in our product catagories. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. You can find what you want at galaxy tab p3110, galaxy tab p7300. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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  • Does what it's supposed to do

    posted by dxbargoon

    Works great! Does exactly what it's supposed to do: charge the device (or interface on my computer's USB) and hold it upright. And it does that, once I used the right cable and charger. As a bonus, it actually converts Micro USB to the Samsung charger. (See below.)
    One of the better accessories I've bought.
    This product - and the other one just like it, with the Micro USB cable - are decent gadgets, and a good buy.
  • Great protector but

    posted by Flook

    Great price, perfect size. Not much more to say as it's just a screen protector. Defeniatly worth it
    Great price for a perfect sized protector. Defeniatly worth it instead of buying one for 10bux in a store.
    I already pulled it off after a few weeks because it was applied really bad. But still, this was my fault. If you're a pro a applying protectors, be my guest!
  • Good to have in your pack :)

    posted by SithLord

    Stops pc from creating pop ups and trying to load driver when you just want to charge your device.Makes a small extension to usb port some times needed to connect devices that hog usb ports.
    It even had protective films on it to prevent damage to its surface which I have not removed yet :)
    Buy it if you need to charge something from computer usb ports with out pop up messages from OS :)
  • Good product, great on my P3110

    posted by mdrgy

    I don't know much about fabrics, but looks quite good quality. The ouside feels like leather, the inside is soft, so I guess it won't scratch the tablet.All the openings and holes are properly placed, everything got well aligned (speakers, volume control, power button, microSD slot, front and rear cameras and data cable).You put the tablet in by the left side of the inner case, which is held in place with velcro hidden under the tablet.The cover is kept closed by two hidden magnets on the uper and lower borders, very nice.The edges are quite hard and go a little beyond the tablet dimensions, so I guess it may protect a bit agains falls.
    My tablet is P3110, but Samsung page said both had same dimensions, so iI bought it anyway. It fits just as good.
    I've seen worse products locally for much more. This looks good and feels somewhat durable. I'm satisfied.
  • Good case for that price

    posted by Ppz

    Good priceVersatilitycompatible with other model (fnac-bq edison)
    I took it for another model of tablet because i didn't find any for it (fnac-bq edison). It fits almost perfect. My tablet is a little bit thicker and has the speakers at the back. The rest is similar to the samsung. The cover doesn,t close perfectly but i can handle it.
    Good case for that price. Good cover to protect and keep clean your tablet without spending half the price of the tablet in a official cover that is almost the same as this one

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