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galaxy tab p3100

You can easily find the latest low priced galaxy tab p3100 offered at our online shop. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. You can also browse galaxy tab plus, galaxy tab p3110. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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galaxy tab p3100 Customers Reviews

  • Nice and functional

    posted by SoraLobbut

    It's a pretty and functional design, the color it's a little less brighter than it appears in the photographs but it's still a pretty purple case. It contains perfectly my tab, does not make it warmer when it's in use and also makes the tab easy to hold (I was about to drop it several times as it used to slip from my hands and the case solved this problem)
    It woud be great if I can buy this one in white color, since I'd like to make a personalized desing.
    It's a great product with a great price. Here at México, similar items are sold for about 20 dlls.
  • Perfect protective screen

    posted by ichomancer

    is very easy to use, it fits perfectly to my tablet, had almost no glare at all, tried (not so hard) to scratch it, and its really very resistant to.
    very good product for the price paid, good presentation, easy to use.
    almost perfect relation price/quality, buy it if you need a good product and dont want to pay any extra.
  • Lets you connect a USB flash drive or keyboard to a galaxy tab

    posted by faileas

    Lets you plug in a real keyboard to a galaxy tab 2 and expand the memory with a USB key. Dirt cheap,seems solidly made unlike many cheap cables
    Samsung should have bundled this in with their tablets. Its SERIOUSLY useful for quite a few things
    If you have a galaxy tab 2, this is a pretty good choice. I do believe, per unit, this is one of the cheaper alternatives, and it seems pretty well made
  • Rigid for back case for mounting applications

    posted by Firedog91902

    Good feel, light weight, holds securely, cheap.
    I use the 7" Tab 2 for travel including GPS navigation in Europe and the USA (CoPilot software). A simple, secure mount to a motorcycle is not easy given the very rough roads. This back case holds the tablet very well and is sturdy enough to pop rivet a 2"x4"x1/16" piece of aluminum to the back with a larger, thinner support piece inside. The 2x4 piece is is fashioned with a small gap (1/16") between the back and alum. that slides on to a 1/16" thick "tongue" permanently attached to the bike (or car). This arrangement securely holds the tablet under the worse road conditions, yet slides easily off the "tongue" at the end of the day. Since there is no major protrusions, there is not reason to remove the tablet from the back case and it is fine for other uses at your destination (pictures, emails, movies).
    It's a good product and has a nice feel and fit even if you don't need to modify it.
  • Good bargain

    posted by kinkie

    The assembly is reasonably solid and the tablet fits snugly in the case. The cover folds in three parts in a manner similar to Apple's ipad cover. It isn't heavy, and the material is rugged and handy to keep in hand. Inserting the tablet in the sleeve is easy.
    Altoghether a good buy, recommended.

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