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galaxy s3 i9300 silicone

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galaxy s3 i9300 silicone Customers Reviews

  • phone cover

    posted by icekad

    Fits perfectly to samsung galaxy s3. Really easy to install and use. Protect phone from scratches and impacts. Colour fits fine with blue samsung galaxy s3. Fits perfectly to hand and rubber isn´t slippery. Really cheap prize compared to value and usefullness.
    Makes phone looks little too fat but that really doesn´t mind at least me. Rubber buttons on the side to power off and volume are working nicely
    Great item for nice prize. I recommend this item for everyone who have samsung galaxy s3.
  • Great deal

    posted by cricutter

    Great price, protects the phone, easy on and off, super cute! Very flexible. Very good quality, the coloured pieces are not scratching as they are solid pieces not just painted. The fit of this case on my Samsung S 3 is very good, and the shape of the legs provides extra cushioning for the corners.
    I love it. This same case was 8 times the price in a shopping mall near my home.
    Just buy it if you like it! A great deal and looks like it should last, another great deal at deal extreme or as we call it at our house....The Slow Boat from China!
  • Very nice case!

    posted by lyur123

    -Nice at hand-Silicone covers the frame very well (important for S3)-silicone buttons for power & volume (not just a hole like other cases)-more than all the others, when you take it with this case, i feel that my phone is safe (at least for me)
    Th worst of this bought was that my phone fall to floor before it arrived and it has a little impact on cristal at very botton right , so when i put this case on my phone i could say that the silicone covers over the phone almost all the impact my phone had, i'm pretty sure that this case could absorb all the damage if it were there.I'm happy in addition to this because it covers almost all the damage so it hide that damage ^_^
    If you need a case, if you want a safe case, buy it.
  • funny cover for samsung galaxy s3

    posted by owmikkelsen

    funny cover for samsung galaxy S3, easy to fit and comfortable to hold. You could put the phone with the glass down on the table, because there is a wide border around the front of the phone, so the glass is not in direct contact with the worktop
    not really any other thoughts
    if you would like to have the ability to change the appearance of his samsung galaxy S3, so this is a fine and ok product take price into consideration
  • Slin bumper

    posted by ellisamanso

    High quality product. Super lightweight and resistant. The bumper is a plastic case. Made of moving plastic, serves perfectly on the galaxy S3. Easy to put on and remove it from the appliance. The prices are super low and the product is very worthwhile. its slin.
    I have much experience in shopping for this type of product for the Internet and I have to say that Deal Extreme is the best place to buy gadgets and cases for mobile phones. best price of the market and the best products.

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