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galaxy s2 black

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galaxy s2 black Customers Reviews

  • Might not be what you need

    posted by grvolkmann

    It's plug and play (but that can be tricky - see my other thoughts) and does the job.
    You have to plug in your charger, it won't work without it. It's not that elegant with all that wiring. Also, it might drop your wifi connectivity - if so, you should change your router wifi channel, that'll do!I would think it is Google Play issue, not the adaptor's, but subtitles won't show on your TV, only on your phone screen. I can't watch dubbed movies, it's dull.
    Keep in mind that not all apps will deliver the same content to your TV as to your phone screen. I couldn't get skype to work for instance...
  • Useful kit to cater for all your protective needs. But it is cheap!

    posted by jameslightstone

    A very handy all-in-one kit for your Galaxy S2. Unlike many other cut to size screen covers, this is designed specifically for you Galaxy S2.The protective outer case is rigid and offers a decent amount of protection to your phone.The stylus is useful if you use one.
    Its definitely worth getting as its a full kit and for a good price. Especially if your not looking for a full case (which i wasn't).
  • Good for recharging

    posted by cherrycheek

    Easy to use, just plug and play. Nice, simple design.
    Perfect for when you're watching videos, you don't have to hold the phone, plus it's recharging!
    Simple to use, great design and a good price.
    Should come with software or link to software, so that computer can recognize and access data on phone. Otherwise a great product.
  • Pretty Good

    posted by mikus86

    -good quality
    -fits perfect
    -looks good
    -nice to touch
    -just great cover to protect a great phone :)
    -great item at a great price. i would have to pay about 4 times more at the shops!
    -the shop ones arent much better either so this is a good choice.
    -get it if you want a decent looking and good quality but cheap cover.
    -not much more to say - its a phone cover but i have to write more so the review will go through as you need to write 500 characters in order for a review to be submitted. Hope this is enough when i click submit. lol
  • Amazing Product!

    posted by Janeofalltrades

    Genuine Samsung product or the best knock off ever made. Samsung logos on both the body of the adapter and the micro USB cable head. Exact same plasic casing and cord as the factory Samsung charger/USB cable that came with my SGSII!Works flawlessly with HDMI in on my TV, mirrors phone's screen to TV.Amazing price! No one in my city even has these for sale and the special order price was over $50CDN to get one in. Get option to be able to show pictures, slideshows or video on a big screen off your smartphone so everyone doesn't need to crowd around a small screen.
    If you want a second power supply/cable buy one cause it needs it to work. Also needs a HDMI cable.
    The portable electronics "experts" at the big box electronic retailers have never even seen these in action forget having them in stock!

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