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galaxy s ii Customers Reviews

  • A very nice looking case

    posted by Knyaz71

    The price is just magnificent. Excellent quallity made. Perfectly fits for Samsung Galaxy S2. Looks stylish and easily fits over phone. Pleasant material to touch.
    All elements of your phone are protected. Cutouts for buttons are comfortable and all of them are working nicely. Camera is slightly recessed in depth, which gives some protection.
    If you don't like different metal, plastic or "leather" cases wich are sometimes really unhandy, this case for Samsung Galaxy S2 is a very nice alternative and purchase. I can surely recommend it.
  • Great Case

    posted by maikusan

    It is obvious that smart phones need a lot of battery today. With this case your phone can stay in use way longer. It has about 80% of the phones energy stored and the best thing is that you can turn it on when you need it.
    The light on the bottom is annoying with time, it would have been better if it would only blink quickly if you turn it on to show you how much battery is left but since it is on all the time I guess it consumes quite some battery power that you could use for your phone instead.
    Although it is huge, it can save your butt when you need your phone and have no idea how to charge it. Especially if you use it as a MP3 player while traveling it is really nice. The size of it prevents it to be used in everyday life (except if you are a woman and have a bag always with you).
  • Cheap and compact, does the job.

    posted by DanielBenSasson

    It’s a must for every car, especially if you own an energy hungry phone as the Samsung Galaxy.I often try to conserver battery power to make sure I have the phone working till the end of the day, but now at least I can charge it while I’m driving.It’s so compact I keep it in the car’s ash tray just next to the power plug and I can even close the lid.
    Not sure how efficient is the charging, I have a feeling it is less effective than the wall plug charger but certainly more efficient than plugging it to a PC.It uses a standard micro USB to USB A cable, so if it breaks it can be easily replaced but on the other hand there is nothing to manage the cable.
    Very useful, simple and easy to use.
  • Nice Sync/Charing cable for a good price

    posted by Iamtal

    * Good price* Can be used for both data sync and charging* Decent cable length
    Great price compared to local price in my home country. In my country you pay around 10-15 USD for a similar cable.
    I recommend purchasing it, and because of the price and the usefulness of these cables in general, I recommend to buy several units.
  • Exactly what I wanted.

    posted by ithappens

    I had a very similar case for my last phone and was determined to get another PVC case for my new phone. The extra bounce and give to the case means that when dropped it is well cushioned and the case won't shatter (requiring replacing the case and scratching the phone). This price was fantastic - I had difficulty finding a PVC case in local shops for my particular phone. Of the available cases (all of which were rigid) the prices ranged from $20 - $40. The case is easy to get on and off the phone as needed (though due to the properly placed ports there's no need to take it off unless removing battery). Given that it is seemingly identical to the one for my previous phone, I know it will be long lasting. Perfect cushioning for my phone.
    The perfect case for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Cheap, durable, aesthetically pleasing. The free delivery and low cost are an added bonus.


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