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Every single galaxy i9300 tpu displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Of course, you can find them from mhl galaxy i9300, galaxy i9300 replacement. With your support, we can do better.
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galaxy i9300 tpu Customers Reviews

  • Overshoes for your phone

    posted by Spitty73

    Very protective and shock resistant. Easy to remove and cover. Doesn't look terribly cheap. Offers some grip on slippery surfaces.
    The rubbery feel seems more shock-resistant than some of the hard covers available. The cover provides a lip that extends past the camera's lens so it is not scratched when laying on a surface. The SG3 will rest on the camera's lens without a cover.
    Cheap insurance for your phone.
  • It really works!

    posted by MrJoao

    Well, the firts thing i thoght when i bought it was ''does it work?''. Than before test with my cellular i used a paper inside and it did work! Furthermore, it's really easy to use it, the bag has a good price and a good quality
    It's good, helps to protect the cellular and works... Think if you're going to need it.
    Well, if you usually go to wet places it can help your cellular to last longer. It's price vs. relation is very good and, specially if you like the beach or the pool, it helps to protect your device. I would buy it again.
  • fits good, high grip

    posted by RoboW

    fits perfect on phoneall buttons, camera, light, speaker are working fineusb connector fits also with casehigh grip, doesn't fall out of loose pockets, doesn't move on slightly leaning surfaceseasy to wash
    if you take it off, sometimes the battery cover stays in itof course the on/off button and the volume buttons are harder to press than without cover
    totally satisfied, exactly what i wantedno special design, i use it outdoors and at work only.
  • great cover...stand does not look like long lasting

    posted by psenzanonna

    . Perfect fit. Total protection. Great looks. quality material overall
    great cover.
    a great cover with great look, that does not take away any design from the phone, in fact, it makes it look nicer. The stand is a very good feature for watching videos, or to use when working on a desk.Excellent cover overall....
  • Awesome!!

    posted by djrobinn

    Being "white", it complements the phone and makes it look good. I originally got a 'clear' case for my S3 but after some months, it became so ugly that it was embarrassing pulling it out in public.
    The other reviewer said that the holes on the back are mis-aligned, maybe he got a lemon coz everything fits nicely in my case.The only thing I noticed is it could be a tad tighter, it is kinda loose around the side buttons. I put it in the freezer to try and 'shrink' it, but it didn't really work
    All in all a great product and I would highly recommend to anyone!

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