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  • Great product for the price

    posted by GreyCloud

    - possibility to charge battery and phone via cable same time-quick charging-fully charge my battery, while when i Charge battery in my Galaxy Nexus it never charge battery to 100%, just for 98-99%
    maybe too strong LED ,that indicates charging, but I'm OK with itIwould like if they could included a way to see current level of charge battery plugged in. Also, wish they had included a USB to microUSB cable, since when you buy a universal charger, all you need to do is plug it in
    I think very good product for money, makes charging spare battery a lot simpler then inside the phone
  • Perfect for your spare battery

    posted by GadgetFrantic

    Bought it to charge my spare SGS3 battery externally.(I know I could buy a bundle of a battery and a charger - but I bought it separately as I originally thought an additional battery is enough and I'll use the phone as the charger - but it isn't that easy!)Build quality is great.Battery doesn't fall out even when the charger is tilted.Fits perfectly into my 220V electric socket.Red for charging, blue for charged.Safe - doesn't overcharge.
    Never used the USB plug...Would change charged light from blue to green...
    Surely the perfect buy.
  • Nice Gadget for SGS2

    posted by rangerevo8

    -Light and Easy to use
    -Come with a EU Plugin (The included EU Plugin fit perfectly with the Charger)
    -Indicator Light (Red color while charging, Blue color while fully charged or no battery was placed)
    It is worthy and useful.
    I used it to charge my battery while swaping between my original and replacement battery.
    Would definitely recomend this to anyone who have more than one battery.
  • Very good

    posted by hertogj

    Works great after you figure out the required stance of the pins. The charging speed is fine i guess, it takes about 4-5 hours for an empty galaxy s3 battery to fully recharge.Supposedly it has an 'overcharge' protection of some sorts, which means it will stop "charging" your battery after it reaches 100%.Its easy to fit in your pocket to take with you pretty much anywhere.It also has a usb port on top of the charger to connect another usb device.The screen is clear, easy to read.
    My Galaxy s3 stopped charging after almost 2 years of service, so i was forced to get another battery. This kit popped up and seemed perfect; cheap, a new battery and a charger.I havent used the usb port on the charger.
    Works perfectly once you figure out the pin setup for your battery. Mine was on the 2nd and last pin for my galaxy s3. The charging is fairly quick and the whole "kit" is super easy to take with you
  • Good product but ...

    posted by nch1987

    The charger is good quality, it is charging and plug fits perfectly on my Moto x.
    I think they have to fix the voltage thing for better use. A lot of people use the phone while charging and this is a problem.
    If you want a charger to charge your phone at night in good price you better get this but if you want to use it while charging don't get this product.

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