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gain antenna wifi

You'll find the best gain antenna wifi for you here. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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gain antenna wifi Customers Reviews

  • great for wardriving

    posted by corgsm1

    It's great for wardriving because it is compatible with linux.It even comes with a backtrack cd.It's signal is better than my PC's pci wifi card using the same antenna and the same position. And it is significantly better than my brother's laptop built-in wifi.
    I could have used it with backtrack to crack my neighbor's wep protected wireless lan just for testing but I learned that it was set to its default password so I didn't bother. Saw some people cracking WPA that is GPU assisted also didn't bother trying because didn't have a good GPU let alone a good processor.
    Have my own internet connection at home so, I don't need to steal internet using this device. I use this mainly to have a better reception of hotspots in a convenient location for me. I also loan it most of the time to my brother when he is in school and making his projects.
  • good price

    posted by death29

    It is worth noting that the price is very good. The device is worth its money.
    This is a good antenna for the home. However, with mobile devices is the signal, unlike d-link antenna 7 dBi. At a distance of 200 metres is working fine (open area without barriers). I think is worth taking further and check at a greater distance.
    Antenna is worth its money. Be sure to buy it!
  • Perfect antenna

    posted by pyro329

    Good item, however I also bought similar SKU 33016 and 33016 is cheaper while providing the same quality. By the way, 33016 is also a bit longer though it has 16 units only. All in all, some connections are better with these YAGI things and some are better with more compact regular omni-directional antennas. I installed YAGI in my appartment the following way: just one screw into ceiling close to my window, then attached to it (upside down) little tripod found in Dollar Store. Simply put 3 tripod legs around screw and tie with strong wire (I used clothes hanger to get the wire). Then you need just one appropriate bolt to attach antenna to tripod screw so you can easily rotate and fix your antenna. That's how we built intercontinental missiles in ex-USSR. Some of them later were further converted to launch small satellites into space ;-)
    I tested this on a network analyser and it's well tuned for wifi. It detunes easily by touching close to the radiating element so make sure you mount it clear of any bushes or such that may touch it. Due to the design Yagi antennas are very easy to aim. Just sight down the pole.
    Just buy it! It's worth every single penny!! Have Tested the product and it works as promised!!!
  • BUY IT (if you know what it does)

    posted by vov4ikIL

    - Very competitive price (its value worth more than it is here)- Does what it meant for- Comes with all neccessary fittings- Delivery is relatively fast
    I have used it to set-up wireless bridge with distance over 400 meters and achieved a stable link with reasonable throughput.
    Good product overall
  • Great, Cheap wifi Antenna

    posted by nihilistAU

    This comes flatpacked in a carboard box and comes supplied with all the nuts and bolts and U connectors for out door mounting. Extremely high gain antenna which will boost your signal, However you need to know why you are buying this device. It is not omni directional and needs to be accurately pointed at it's destination point to be effective.
    This is for point to point wifi, so if you just want to boost your wifi signal in your house I would suggest a omni directional antenna instead.
    Great unit, Great price. Does what is printed on the box.

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