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You can buy cheap g9 led warm white from us. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. warm white led 4w or led 72w warm white may offer more options for you. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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g9 led warm white Customers Reviews

  • Very nice warm light

    posted by Klings

    Super bright light. My living room lamp uses 4 of these and replaces 4 x 35w bulbs with approximately the same light. See photo. The design of my lamp makes the large bulbs blend in nicely when turned on. I use two of those lamps in my living room and a total of 8 bulbs. This reduces the energy use from 280w to 43w which is only 1/6 of what it used to be.
    Supriced how warm the color was. Can easily use these bulbs in a living room. Feels solid built, and looks "expencive".
    Great value for money. Saves a lot on my electric bill throughout a year, and does not cost much more than a quality halogen bulb.
  • Excelent G9 Light Bulb

    posted by lucianoBRA

    - 6W LED vs 40W (normal G9 lamp)- Color of the light is very similar compared with normal G9 lamp. You can use it mixed with other types.- Light is a little bit stronger than normal G9 lamps.
    I bought 5 more pieces to change all my G9 lamps.
    Very good LED lamp. Economical (6W vs 40W), strong light and good light color.Check the size before buy! It`s a lot bigger than a normal G9 bulb.
  • Nice bulb

    posted by KellyBotty

    Easy to use.Fits nice into conector.SolidEnergy saver, i replaced a 28w halogen bulb but it's a little bit less bright
    If you have more lamps in the same area, replace then all with this bulb. You can even find converter to use this bulb in other fittings (eg E27)
    Good lamp for good price. Although the color temperature is a bit more blue-isch as expeced, it's a good replacement for me. But as said replace all lamp bulbs in the same area with the same kind of bulb to avoid color temperature differences
  • Very good buy, recommended !!

    posted by hopler

    G9 LED bulbs are great to replace halogen lights. The G9 connector works perfectly. Its consumption is much lower. The brightness is 216 lumens, enough to correct vision. I only put 3 in a 4-bulb lamp and the room is well lit. Consumption has dropped from 160w of halogens to 10.5 W of LED bulbs. Incredible!
    The duration of these bulbs with LED G9 will be those that mark if it was a good buy or not. If the length is good, the purchase is perfect, because the saving at home is very significant.
    Highly recommended, although the price could be improved. Have good lighting and a much lower consumption. The perfect combination to lower your electricity bill.
  • Suitable for non-dimmable lights

    posted by GStek

    -Nice Price-Bright light, comparable to 35 watt g9 halogen bulb
    I bought 5 bulbs to replace halogen bulbs and save on energy. Unfortunately the lights are not dimmable so I can not use them in the intended lamp. On the other side, I will try to find a g9 to e27 or e14 converter and put the bulbs in other lamps.If you are in doubt if these bulbs give you enough light, they give shine very bright and give more than sufficient light. If you are looking for a more dense light, these are not the way to go.
    Quality is somewhat to expect with these prices in my opinion. It would have been nice to know that these lights are non-dimmable. If DX will replace or refund the 2 broken ones, I am still happy. I no only have to look for g9 dimmable leds and converters for the existing ones.


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