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  • A moderate alternative for a G4 halogen bulb

    posted by roland684

    - Roughly the same size as a G4 halogen bulb- Much lower power consumption than halogen bulbs.- Fits perfectly in a breadboard
    - When replacing halogen bulbs with these leds, you might need to modify the power source. - Will look like 5 seperate light sources unless you use some kind of diffuser.
    It can replace a G4 halogen bulb, but it will look different
  • Great, natural light, very recommendable!

    posted by delriopouso

    I have four of this in my kichen hood. One of the only led lights i came across with real natural warm light. Where a lot of the led "warm lights" seem cooler to me this i would guess is 3500K.
    They get fairly hot and the are a yust a bit bigger than the ones i replaced them with
    Overall it is a really good replacement. Happy with the perchause
  • Good light, works @ AC 12V, max 150mA

    posted by Libor1

    Works well with AC (AC/DC converter inside), good light collor, good packaged, good quality. Price could be lower.
    Nice as a decoration not enough to replace light source of 10W halogen bulb. Wanted to replace 10W bulbs but the light is not so strong.It took 5 weeks to get it here.
    No way to get 2,6W @ 12V. Only higher voltage would allow to drive higher current - 216mA, but the LED will start to smell soon from overheating.
  • Pretty good

    posted by kanarie

    Can be used in cars (inner lighting ) or as a halogen replacement in some cases.
    Energy saver!!!!
    does not get as hot as the original bulbs
    will last longer (in theory)
    2x as much light for the money
    I ordered one as a sample (I wanted to use it as a halogen replacement in my house) It works for me although the color tint is slightly cooler than that of Halogen bulbs
    it is polar (+-) sensitive
    great led bulb for an OK price
    I bought this bulb as an energy saver
    it gives the amount of light of a 3Watt bulb but is uses only 1,44Watt
    Will buy some more
  • So bad that it is sold out

    posted by noe557

    It works!!! The bulb is so small. It is also bright enough, I expect it to be less bright. I bought it to replace some halogen bulbs I had. The saving on energy bill is brutal; from 20 w (the old halogen lamps) to 1.5 w (this lamp). Another pro is that it has a shine white light. I do not think it is blueish when shine alone, but if it shines together with another warm bulb... well... the warm could be seen as an strong yellow, and the white light a little blueish. Funciona!!! La bombilla es muy pequeña. Brilla bastante, me esperaba que diera menos luz. La compré para reemplazar unas bombillas halógenas que tenía. El ahorro de energía es brutal; de 20 w (las bombillas halógenas) a 1.5w (esta led nueva). Otra ventaja es que da una luz brillante muy blanca. No me parece que tenga mucha tonalidad azul, pero si la pones al lado de una bombilla de luz cálida...bueno, la cálida realmente parece muy muy amarilla, y la fría un pelín azul.
    As I said before, I would buy more. But I can't. It has not cristal in it, just a kind of transparent rubber, I think it is a pro, cause it makes more difficult for the bulb to broke in case it is dropped... But someone might think it is a con.Como dije antes, compraría más. Pero no se puede. Otra cosa es que no llevan cristal sino una especie de goma transparente. Creo que es una ventaja porque si se te cae la bombilla es difícil que se rompa. Pero alguien pudiera verlo como una desventaja.
    I would buy it again, but I can't.Lo volvería a comprar, si pudiera.


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