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g4 led light bulb

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g4 led light bulb Customers Reviews

  • Very very weak light

    posted by f11lbert

    It works good.Without overheating.
    Just orientation light - you can see it in darkness but it do not light other things.In fact I do not see any applications for the item. Decoration light? But it won't fit in many halogen lamp installations (inside small diameter tubes for example)
    I would not recommend the product. But honestly I have no real complains to return it - it works precisely as specified.
  • Not quite halogen, but pretty good.

    posted by iksbob

    Warm white, though it seems tan compared to halogen's yellow... Color rendering seems slightly reduced in a direct comparison.
    Low power draw. (measured about 100mA @ 12V)
    Construction seems pretty solid.
    The emitters are set up as 8 groups of 3 LEDs, with a current-limiting resistor for each group. That means if one LED fails, it will also disable the other 2 in its group, but the remaining 21 LEDs will be unaffected.
    I bought these to use as interior lighting in my car, but they seem to need some tinkering (higher value resistors maybe) to be reliable for that.
    They're bright, but seem to be overdriven.
  • Very good product

    posted by Siciliano2013

    Very good product, easy to use, very good light and economical, they adapt perfectly to the system I have in my home, very good way of shipment, the merchandise arrived intact, all parts in perfect working.
    I like that they have deals like this, very accessible, and a good delivery system.
    This is a highly recommended, very good quality and fast shipping. very happy with the service, I am a new customer of you, and I will recommend the website to my friends.
  • Great product for this price

    posted by tsip899

    Good construction qualityEasy to useNice price (hope to come down a little bit) compared to local prices in greece. It fits easily.Warm white light is the best... really warm.I would say suprisingly good bulbThe bulbs come in their original packaging, undamaged.
    All work perfectly for now .. It's diameter was some mm bigger and i could't easily fit them to the spot, so you have to pay attention of your spot diameter first !
    If you plan to change your old spot lights this is a choice i recomend .
  • compact & bright

    posted by Zantapr

    Very compact.
    Two stages of light., about 40% of the Leds will illuminate between 5 volts and 9 volts., all the Leds illuminate above 10 Volts.
    Some Leds were defective on the unit I bought.
    Very bright, very compact.

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