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g4 led bulb Customers Reviews

  • Almost perfect halogen replacement

    posted by Swiss2K

    These LED's are bright. Probably comparable tot 15/20 watt halogen and definitely brighter then 10 watt halogen. Good build quality. The color of the LED's I have are exactly the same.
    Nice product and much much cheaper then Philips or Osram products available locally. The difference is around 15 euro's a piece. That makes this a bargain.
    I Will order again to replace all the halogen bulbs in my dining table lamp
  • Amazing

    posted by luck2012

    Very bright, can produce a little bit more light than a 12w halogen light. Fits perfectly into the socket, has a good size, fits very well in a small socket and leave a good clearance in a bigger one. Doesn't get too hot, you can touch it, but after several minutes it may burn you... Good build quality, good soldering. I have been using this for almost a year and out of 10 none of them stopped working (some of them i use very seldom, but there are some that i use everyday for hours and they are still doing fine). I just ordered more for a new project!!
    works perfectly
    buy it
  • Blinding strong light.

    posted by oisaca

    - The product works great.- Comes in a handy package, well secured. - Does not produce as much heat as similar light that I've bought.
    Creates a super white light, if you're replacing them with for exaple halogen lamps, you will se a difference in the colour. Something to keep in mind.Works great in spotlights where you normally have halogen lights.
    Buy it, definitely worth the cheap price. I will replace all my halogen lamps with this one.
  • compact & bright

    posted by Zantapr

    Very compact.
    Two stages of light., about 40% of the Leds will illuminate between 5 volts and 9 volts., all the Leds illuminate above 10 Volts.
    Some Leds were defective on the unit I bought.
    Very bright, very compact.
  • for ready made lighting

    posted by mf2forever

    easy to use, no expertise to install, there is sign for - and +. just put it to 12 volt and it will work
    put it into car , motorcycle, or even in the home for reading or black out, emergency light
    very useful thing you have to light something that only require 12 volt battery. i try with one 12 volt ups battery 7 ampere, and it last about 3 days. good tu use when the electricity in your home goes down

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