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g4 lamp Customers Reviews

  • Nice, diffuse light, only suitable for certain situations

    posted by mjv00

    Many LEDs spread light over a large area so the LED isn't blindingly intense when you look into it. Light quality seems fine.
    LEDs are connected in strings of three with a voltage dropper resistor (240Ohm). Having tried alternate designs with switching power supplies I prefer those as they're more efficient. Total power at 12V is 1.3W. Total power at 13.8V is 2.2W.
    Good LED for 12V (and perhaps not much more or less). Polarity sensitive.
  • works, but not 2.6 w, just 1.5 w

    posted by fotoriot

    consumes less energy (1/10) than halogen lamp, but does not replace a 10 watt halogen lamp.I have compared them side by side.this led: 0,122 mAhalogen: 1,100 mA
    the color temperatur is not 2700k, I suppose around 3200K or more but still ok.
    could be cheaper, like 2 dollar a piece, I want to replace halogen lamps (20watt) - but the led power should be a least a "real" 2.5 watt or better
  • white color

    posted by darkjacky

    cheap. good color. (as stated) it works as it should work nothing really wrong with it. except the cons below
    you might be able to add a diode bridge to it but there is very little space. at 12volts it gets a little warmer than body temperature. one of the ones i ordered had one side broken this is easy to fix by putting a soldering iron against the solder.
    cheap quality but still good enough to use.
  • Cool white light

    posted by ndrew73

    Cool blue LED white light. I had an old "american" 12volt AC table 4MM (G4 bi-pin) light. I figured it needed a driver to provide "constant current" AND to rectify from AC to DC so I added this driver SKU: 13557 driver to the the inner wiring. Picture is shown.
    I can't believe people actually take the time to write sensible reviews. Helped me a lot. Thanks people!
    The light is running moderately hot for several hours now.. I feel it's normal operating temperature since it's not getting hotter or smellier :)
  • Efficient as well as flexible power requirements

    posted by mjv00

    Non polarised (can connect +ve -ve either way round). Works off a wide range of voltages (8-30VDC). Consumes 1W no matter the voltage as makes use of switching LED driver on-board.
    I swapped out 4 x 20W halogens in our stove top extractor unit for four of these LED units. Power consumption has dropped from 80W to 4W, though admittedly these are quite a lot dimmer. Still bright enough, but only just. Still for 4W total, can't expect too much. These are the best LEDs in this twin pin format that I have found. Will keep looking for something brighter though.
    Very flexible 1W LED (1W total consumption, LED will be a bit less, guessing 750mW or so)

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