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g4 bulb Customers Reviews

  • Very good part. But beware...

    posted by akornishev

    Very good and efficient part. Operates and performs as described. You can feel how efficient it is even just by touching the part while it is working, it is barely warm.
    Be careful where you install it. It is designed for 12V AC, not DC operation and the diode ractifier bridge will get damaged over time if used with DC supply voltage. It is very easy to convert it for DC operation if you know what you are doing, just remove the ractifier and solder wires instead.
    Very good part. Just add AC voltage supply in description please.
  • Very nice light

    posted by marcelrv

    Nice light. The colour is rather warm and the light is similar brightness as my earlier 10W regular lamp (maybe slightly brighter)
    these are much warmer than the SKU 51269 I purchased before.
    I can recommend this light as long as there is enough space in the housing.
  • Average quality G4 1.2W lamp

    posted by pennabianca

    - fit my reading lamp holder
    Be aware these are DC only. if your reading lamp has just a transformert (AC source) this lamp will flicker and cannot be used.I modded my reading lamp to meeting the DC output and i got nice "moon" light at only 2.5W instead of 20W of original incandescent.
    It's an average light, nothing bad nothing good.Do not expect to get a 2.5W lamp and will NOT compare to a 20W incandescent. More likely a 10W.Works fine for my reading lamp, enough light and nice degrees of light cone but will keep waiting for more powerfull light from DX
  • Good G4 bulb, great white light.

    posted by nadia123

    These bulb are not made of glass but silicon, this is much better because they won't break if it falls. The bulb are getting hot, but not very much wich is very normal. I like the white light, they light up my living room very good and are bright. All of the 16 pieces worked perfectly.
    I like the design of the bulb. They are not big and give a beautiful white light.
    Price for 5 pieces is very cheap. In stores they are almost 2/3 euro a piece, so this is a bargain.
  • It makes its work

    posted by dcd_11

    It offers a pleasant light, cooler than a traditional halogen lamp. The luminous flux is effectively about 500 lumens that is sufficient to light up a desk from an height of 1 metre from the top of the desk. It is also very confortable because, on the contrary of the halogen lamps, produces very little heat.
    Using it with an AC adaptor causes very fast blinks.It's also very big so it can't fit in all lamps.
    Good product but not worth its full cost.

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