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These cool g4 12v led warm are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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g4 12v led warm Customers Reviews

  • G4 3W 3500K 270lm 3-LED Warm White Light Bulb - White (DC 12V)

    posted by master64nl

    This tiny led light has big character.3 of them enlightened a whole bedroom.The color is good and not 3500K but more 2800K what is excellent for me so you have to take that in mind when you buy these led lights.
    What to say about good stuff???
    Very impressive led light for much applications.I recommend it for everyone whom is looking for small led light but big lumen.
  • Very Good for Kitchen Lights

    posted by immetjes

    Relative warm colour. warmer than SKU 51269 LED G4 Lights.
    Use much less electricity than G4 10W Halogen
    I tried SKU 51269 108 Lumen LED lights to replace my halogen G4 10W lights. These were too bright and too blueish, the kitchen looked like a bit like there where fluorescent tubes installed, not bad but also not comfortable. These SKU 58298 LEDs are much better and are perfect (in my opinion) to place underneath kitchen cupboards.
    I use four (4) of them driven by a 12V 1,5A max. 18 Watt (min. 0W) IP67 transformer.
    Bare in mind that when you replace the G4 halogens by LEDs you loose the typical spot light of the halogen (+reflector). This is replaced by a more gradient type of light, which I actually like more.
    Very good and warm colour. Not too bright, perfect for the kitchen. I have also upped a picture of my kitchen with these LEDs. I have tried to equal the luminance level of the kitchen as I see it with the picture.
    I'm not sure about durability, but the lights looked ok.
    (I'm Dutch by the way).
  • Good LED replacement lights

    posted by zharjac

    Slim design, fits in standard G4 fixtures, good brightness, very pleasant color temperature (true warm white), does not get significantly warm during prolonged operation. No failed units so far.
    Be careful when installing in fixtures with reflective back shield - there's a danger of shorts if any leads and soldering points on the PCB touch the reflector.
    Overall a good product, can recommend for purchase.
  • Really useful bulb

    posted by tsip899

    It works good. Without overheating.Good construction qualityEasy to useNice price (hope to come down a little bit) compared to local prices in greece. It fits easily.Warm white light is the best... really warm.I would say suprisingly good bulbThe bulbs come in their original packaging, undamaged.
    All work perfectly for now .. It's diameter was some mm bigger and i could't easily fit them to the spot, so you have to pay attention of your spot diameter first !
    If you plan to change your old spot lights in bathroom this is a choice i recomend .
  • Great replacement of 20W halogens

    posted by Pyuaumch

    These lamps are perfect replacement of 20W halogens - same brightness, same color temperature (maybe just a bit cooler).
    I wonder why it has "AC/DC" in specifications, it seems that these lamps work correctly only with DC voltage; with AC board elements get extremely hot and even smoking!
    Make sure your power unit outputs DC voltage, cause I had extreme overheating issue with AC unit.

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