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  • Great shell replacement

    posted by cmalt

    Very good quality, the hinge is a bit more tight than OEM making the DS feel more solid.
    This is indeed a full replacement case that has most of the little bits that are needed to move the guts of a DSL over into a new home. I was transfering a white DS into the black shell, so I used the top screen from the white DS and some other white bits to make the unit unique.
    If you are comfortable with taking small things like the DS apart and not misplacing bits and pieces, this case is a great way to go to fix or customize your DS.
  • Looks good, but hard to put together...

    posted by Benita92

    - Very cool appearance.
    - Solid materials.
    - All screws, buttons and tools thatare needed, are also included.
    - Cheap, of course ;)
    The price is very low, so even if I didn't manage to ensamle it on to the DS' intestants, I can't say I regret buying it. It was fun to try out. Besides, just because I didn't understand it, doesn't mean you wont ;D
    If you REALLY want it, and you're not afraid of breaking your DS, I say Go For It!
    If not, I would just go find some nice sticker protectors. They have a lot of nice ones in here :D Although stickers cant heal broken plastic...
  • Looks good!

    posted by loadedlen

    Shell is nearly a perfect replacement. All plastics fit really well, I only had to slightly modify the volume slider so it wasn't so stiff. (Still functional out of the box, just not as smooth as the original - quick file job fixed that)
    All in all, a great shell replacement. Took me around 90 minutes to swap it out (first time reshelling). If you need a new shell, this one's a good deal.
    can't go wrong for the money.
  • Better than the original

    posted by stbza

    Very good build, had no problems with the swap. After I finished transferring all the parts into the new body, you couldn't even tell that this is not the original case. It has a very nice translucent protection shell and the color is slightly lighter.
    I recommend to use youtube to search for the replacement instructions. It will save you time and you will be ready in a blink of an eye. Make sure you pass all the wires properly and you will see that the box is closing perfect. No need to over-tighten the small screws.
    My kids love the new look of their favourite toy. It is well worth for the money. Now I have regrets I didn't order to change the main screen as well. The old one is a bit 'abused' and a new, unscratched one would have made the difference. Bottomline: I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to all my friends in need for a NDS replacement casing.
  • First case I have replaced

    posted by Grubar

    I bought 2 ds cases as both mine had cracks in the hinges. I bought this one for my son. and this one for my daughter http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.13335
    I found that this one didn't seem to have all the extras her case did. Not all the rubber parts had adhesive and I had to use crazy glue to hold them in place. It was also missing the select button or start whatever, I had to use a white one from the old case, not a huge deal but annoying none the less.
    I wish that who ever had put the item together had spent 5 more seconds and made sure all the parts are there. Also comparing it to the case I bought for my daughter it had all the extra's, hers had the adhesive for the screen ( black stuff on top screen to replace ) hers had all the parts, all the rubber screw covers had adhesive to attach them. Hers just felt more refined.
    While this one worked and the DS is updated it looks great minus the white start button.


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