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full case lite Customers Reviews

  • Makes your DS look sweet

    posted by onionknight

    > Metallic red paint looks really, really cool.> Cheap.> Fun project.
    > Requires some skill to replace the case!
    Bottom line, if you have no experience with electronics you might want to reconsider. HOWEVER, there are step-by-step videos online to help you USE THEM! Take your time, do it step by step, be careful and you'll be fine.I had a lot of fun undertaking this project!
  • Great product, but don't re-use the old screws!

    posted by pesposito

    It's a great looking case. And it has TWEWY on it. It feels quite nice, too. Not tacky at all. Plus it's only $9!
    USE THE SCREWS THEY SUPPLY YOU WITH!!!!!I re-used the screws from my old place in some parts and I actually caused bumps to appear on the case.Also remember to put ALL the screws in. If you leave some out, the case won't fit on properly and your L/R buttons will sometimes not work.Oh, and fitting a Slot-2 Cart into the cartridge protector is harder than you'd think (but possible!). :)
    This is a brilliant product, and well deserving of 5 stars.Just be careful when you build it, and make sure you're gentle with the ribbon cables (and don't get your fingerprints on the connectors!), as well as remembering not to re-use the screws that held your DS Lite together (instead using the philips-head ones provided in the box!).
  • Nice casing, a lot of parts

    posted by Reddog33

    1. The casing is acomplied with enough replacement screws, items and metals.2. Contains a replacement screencover to change te colors.3. Replacement screws are normal screws.
    Whatch out when changing the screen. The sticker that is added will stick once and tight. If you place the sticker at an angel, it's stuck for good.Get a trigram scewdriver to open your ds.
    I bought this case as a replacement because my old case broke. It worked for that.
  • A fantastic replacement for a broken DS

    posted by Femotter

    The Chinese Dragon design is definitely a plus, since few people outside of IQDS users and DX costumers would have a DS Lite like this.A Matte black bottom half is great because the original shell to my DS was glossy black which seemed to collect fingerprints from across the room.Purchasing this replacement shell and doing it myself was far less expensive and faster then sending it to Nintendo for repair.
    If you have a broken shell on your DS Lite, or you think your DS could use a new look, and you're undaunted by the fear of opening up expensive electronics, then this is for you.
  • Excellent

    posted by cuattrin

    Good material, exactly with the original Nintendo housing case. The color is very good. All the parts are in the package. The shipment was very quickly and was free. Dealextreme is a good option.
    Very good.
    No more questions.


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