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frame glass lens Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for watching 3D content

    posted by alexitho95

    The quality is very good.They are perfect to view 3D content.High quality plastic.Perfect size, fits very well in the face.They are the best quality / price.
    If you want to view 3D content, these glasses are best, they highly recommend, because their quality is very good and the price is very low!I am very happy with them, gives them lenses friends and family and now I'll buy more. They're the best, I have no complaint from them, are the best. Other 3D glasses I bought here in my city and indeed are very expensive, and seeing these at such a very low price, do not hesitate in buying anything.
  • Outstanding

    posted by TJBambach

    Great qualityHas Ray Ban logoFeels sturdyLooks genuineComes with a case and micro fiber clothDoes not feel like cheap plasticOne of the best Ray-ban knock offs I've seen
    Great bang for your buck ratioThe case is great. Made out of fabric, this thing will keep your glasses protected everywhere you go. Not from Ray-ban though
    Bought this for a friend of mine who is very pleased with the product. If you are looking for a clubmasters knock off, this is probably what you are looking for. Cheap, sturdy and nice
  • Muito bom.

    posted by marcelramoreira

    Good structure, well built.I recommend this product. I would buy again. He faithfully follows what is shown in the images. Very tough. It came without blemish, the quality of all materials is very good. It does not hurt in the head because they do not pinch and the size is perfect.
    nothing so great as to be mentioned. it this is the BANG for the BUCK. is an excellent buy at the price that is offered.
    nothing so great as to be mentioned.
  • Useful, but bound to strenght!

    posted by Delighted

    Lights up nearby objects. Great for reading. Can be used for lighting up objects in your nearby path, when walking in complete darkness. Has 1 LED on each side (can be turned on/off individually). Appears somewhat flimsy, but is actually sturdy enough. Comes in a protective case!
    In my opinion, the strenght should've been mentioned precisely. Reading with +3, when (for example) needing +1, goes just fine. But do not try to move around too much with them. The distortion will cause you some side affects that resemble those of slight intoxication ;)
    Hmm. Not 100% if it is worth the asking price, but it is a practical little gadget. I initially bought it for my partner, so she can read while we are on the road. Now that I made you aware of the +3 strenght, you yourself should be able to judge best whether or not this is something you'd want to buy. That aside: For reading in the dark, I'd surely recommend these glasses.
  • I like it

    posted by avisadeh

    I got my first one 2 month ago and surprised by the quality and the strong construction. It is very compact and can be folded 3 times and be very small and easy to care. You can see the photos that I placed. It comes with plastic small bag that can be held in your belt.
    I was so satisfied that I ordered several sizes for my wife, mother and many other family members.
    You will not be disappointed. Good product.

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