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football team watch

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football team watch Customers Reviews

  • For football lovers

    posted by Anhell

    -It's a nice watch, sporty and modern.-F.C. fans Barcelona are in luck because here you have a watch for every day.-The strap is of good quality silicone, at least in appearance.-Nice detail of the logo of the UEFA Champions League.-You can see the time well.-It has a good price.
    -Overall is a good product with a good price, FC fans Barcelona are in luck. It is a striking and colorful watch.-The product presentation is appropriate.
    This product is recommended for good price.
  • Very good for a fan.

    posted by windstyle

    Like i've been a C.F.C supporter since i remember myself and this watch is perfect.Like i though the glass wouldnt be much of a quality,but i accidently sometimes hit the watch on the wall and no scratches or anything real quality.
    On the back it says Champions league it comes with a really nice box with a nice little towel which you could store some other cool goods with it.Im really amazed i could fool my friends this watch is worth 20-30$ without a problem.Excellent watch i really love it.It is big and in our days big watches are very modern lately.It is stylish and astonishing not heavy.
    I would really recommend this watch for chelsea fans out there really it is a must buy.
  • good product

    posted by madendra

    This watch has a good build and is made with good material. It has a nice feel on your wrist. I also like the graphics on the watch. It suits the entire design perfectly. The same design is used with logos of other football teams, but this particular layout fits the best.
    I also purchased an Arsenal logo watch with the same design. That one arrived not functioning at all. I'm not convinced with the quality control of these watches. Some might turn out fine, but others not so much.

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