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  • Quick relief!

    posted by vmixmivi

    The balls of my feet have been problem areas my whole life, but as I get older the discomfort has gotten worse. I've been looking for something that will help alleviate the pain, and these have worked better than anything else I've tried. They're easy to insert into your shoe, and the tacky back helps hold them in place. Removing them from your shoe isn't difficult either. (I feared it would be, particularly as I used them in a pair of shoes with a fuzzy sole.) And the tacky back stays tacky!
    If the manufacturer could find a better way to get this pad to stick to the Feet, this would be the ideal forefoot pad.
    My feet don't ache when I walk or stand now. That makes these pads among the best and cheapest solutions I've found. Given the price, they're worth trying, and they might even save you from tossing out shoes you love.
  • healthy

    posted by ScherbakovSB

    The interesting thing. I bought it to try what effect it has on health. In fact, if you massage your feet with this thing about 10-15 minutes, you feel some kind of lightness in the feet. So, I think it has a positive effect. Because of the fact that I did not use it long enough, I can not say anything with certainty.
    I hope it will eventually disappears.
    You can buy it.
  • Interesting thingy

    posted by Sinpin

    You put them when you're about to sleep, and in the morning as advertised you find that their color became dark. They don't disturb your sleep in any way. Their smell make me think they are made of natural ingredients.
    The pack contains 5 pairs of "tea" bags along with 5 pairs of adhesive sheets. You should stick the written face of the bag on the sheet & then stick the whole to the bottom of your foot.
    They are cheap & at least visually they work.. so why not trying them?
  • Very useful

    posted by Rachelarts

    Fantastique! it just save my shoes!Now i can wear my shoes a whole day long.I also need it for my sports shoes.it is a strong material, holds well, i don't have to change till i am back home.
    It is not expensive at all.I also bought it before and now i bought it for my kids, i shall continue buy it in the future.
    Worthwhile!It is really cheap, it does a very good work, it save my shoes, my boots, my sports shoes so forth.Highly recommended.

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