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  • Nice radio, but...

    posted by invisible91rus

    It is little bombox for You Kitchen! ^_^ I bought it for my mum and she really like it, but i am not happy in some aspects, see it in cons.
    +Good sound, with enought bass
    +Good Reception of radio
    +Nice face
    +Has info table with bright digits
    +Pretty small
    +Small sales box
    Nice for kitchen or outdoor use
    It is ok for this price. And it works fine.
  • good little speaker

    posted by lulul100

    this is a great little speaker. It has it all including FM. the radio is good, and it isi very powerful. once you open it the bass response it very good. once you put and SD card in it with music you can take it anywhere outside in the car or if you go camping or at the beach. great little device
    it distorts a little bit at maximum, but you can actually have a party at that volume
    all in all is a great little device. it's amazing how much technology advanced by just looking at this little device...there are some minuses but all in all is a great device!
  • Set Up Instructions for English

    posted by krs99

    Great product.
    I already reviewed the silver coloured one so I won't go into the same details again.
    Instructions are in English but the unit defaut language is Chinese.
    Took me a long time for the first one to set the default language to English - instructions to do that should come with the unit.
    But since they don't, here is the way to do this painlessly:
    Turn on the unit with the little switch in the back.
    Both of the ones I received had about half the charge left on the battery, so you don't really have to charge it at this time.
    Wait for the clock to display, then follow these steps:
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button 3 times
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button twice
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button once
    Push menu button once more
    The display should now be in English.
    Once set, it remembers the language even if you turn the unit off.
    Only MP# Speaker like that I found which will
    a. Allow one to chose the song to be played from a playlist, and
    b. Repeat playing that sond indefinitely if required (Une can also play all the songs in the playlist and can then repeat playing that list indefinitely, and
    c. will play with the 5 volt power adapter plugged in. Some units won't play while they are being charged.
  • The best speaker ever!

    posted by ieifood

    *Sound works*SD card music works*Radio works*USB flash music works*Battery is great, lasts long and easily replaceable! (Nokia battery you can buy cheaply on dx)*The led lights are nice.
    This would be a perfect gift to buy to someone. This would be a perfect gift to buy to someone.
    This would be a perfect gift to buy to someone.
  • Unbelievable sound

    posted by dagjess

    Has two one onch dome speakers which even support a degree of bass, believe it or not. The best sound ever from an item this size. On sale in local shops as MP3 players only at twice the price. In Norway.
    Not really. Battery time is good, but it does not let you know when it draws current and when it is full. A diode would be useful.
    Best little radio I ever had.

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