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The fm transmitter your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Browse the products from fm transmitter charger, or some other related Pages like handsfree fm transmitter. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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fm transmitter Customers Reviews

  • Problem with gps signal volume

    posted by 1leonardmynar

    From the begining the gps navigator had very low signal. After few weeks the signal is so low (or no signal) that gps software cant detect any signal and the navigation doesnt work. I tried to reset gps and item also, it didnt help.
    The price is very good.Sometimes the gps signal is ok and gps software works correctly. In five minutes the gps signal go down and using of navigation is inpossible.
    Design and screen is ok also
  • Decent performance, but lackluster build quality

    posted by NOD127

    Fair priced, great signal range and almost no noise when there's no cellphone activity.
    Not much.
    Beats using a mini-jack to tape-deck adapter when it comes to keeping the sound signal as clean as possible, unless you're constantly using your cellphone.Though it could easily have been MUCH better for only a little extra effort spend in designing & manufacturing.
  • Good Unit for the Price

    posted by 9087657786

    Good value for the price, this unit receives Bluetooth signal without issues and transmits with decent 96-128 kbps quality equivalent. Charges the phone at the same rate as a power outlet.
    Build quality is tolerable, for the money, but the buttons feel cheap and the base fragile.
    Value for the money makes sense. It performs well, but lower-end audio quality may be a concern for some.
  • too good to be true

    posted by Nevseliravno

    + Great price
    + Good sound quality
    + Just "plug and play"
    + LCD shows song name and fm-frequency
    + Supports SD, USB
    It works well enough.
    I have such, bought another for my friend
    Cool thing
    Perfect if you don't want to buy expensive radio with USB support.
    Really Good! I'm still happy that I bought this gadget
  • Great little unit for the price.

    posted by didjital22

    The unit itself works wonderfully. Reception from the FM transmitter is clear and the sounds is great. I've only tried it with USB thumb drive. The buttons and remote work fine. I use the remote to switch through folders, change the EQ, volume, etc. Everything works.
    I'll likely give this unit to one of my friends as a gift, if it manages to fit better in their car.
    Great unit. Too bad it doesn't connect more solidly.

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