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fm mp3 player Customers Reviews

  • Compact mp-3 player with clip.

    posted by woud

    When you found and set your lanquage easy to use. Nice looks and compact. Wire headphone good length. Sound is very good better as expected. Nice player for this money.
    Nice gadget for a low price.
    Can recommendate the player for the sound and DX for the good service.
  • Very good, excelent!

    posted by EnrBuy

    ENGLISH- Very comfortable, practical and well built. Ideal for walking and listening to music without needing a screen, or in another situation.- Very good sound quality.- Insulates well enough to be listening in a train or buses, or in the street itself.- Retractable. Very useful to save, since it occupies less space, and also useful also for security of this.- Good color combination (black+orange).- Serves as a normal headphone aid if you use the line-in connection with the corresponding cable.- FM radio.ESPAÑOL- Muy cómodo, práctico y bien construido. Ideal para ir caminando y escuchar música sin necesitar una pantalla, o en otra situación.- Muy buena calidad de sonido.- Aísla lo suficientemente bien en un tren, buses, calle, etc.- Muy buen sistema para guardarlo (retraíble). Ocupa menos espacio, útil para la seguridad del mismo.- Buena combinación de colores (naranjo-negro).- Sirve como un audífono normal si utilizas la entrada line-in con el cable correspondiente.- Radio FM.
    ENGLISHI wanted to buy a headset of this type (headphone) because less damage hearing, but had the little problem of its durability (the wires are cut and die your headphone), so I thought it would be a good option a wireless headphone. I looked here and when I saw this I thought great, I tried it and liked it, because I served both as a headphone (with the corresponding cable plugged into the line-in, which found here in the sku 23531) and as an independent mp3 player and integrated into the headset, without having to depend on another mp3 player. What better?ESPAÑOLQuería comprar un audífono de este tipo (headphone), porque dañan menos el oído, pero tenía el pequeño problema de su durabilidad (los cables se cortan y muere tu audífono), así que pensé que una buena opción sería uno inalámbrico. Busqué acá y cuando vi este me pareció fantástico, lo probé y me gustó, ya que me sirve tanto como un "headphone" (con el cable correpondiente conectado en la entrada line-in, acá en DX con el sku 23531) como un reproductor independiente e integrado al audífono, sin tener que depender de otro reproductor. ¿Qué mejor?
    ENGLISHThoroughly recommended to anyone seeking comfort, and also for anyone looking for a good headphone and while interested in a having a integrated mp3 player in this.ESPAÑOLLo recomiendo totalmente para quien busque comodidad como yo, y también para quien esté buscando un buen audífono de este tipo y le interese a la vez tener un práctico reproductor mp3.
  • singbox sv927

    posted by cheelout

    1. great sound - unexpected pure bass2. the minimal distortion of sound are observed only at the maximum sound level3. flashlight is really bright4. when press pause and switch off while mp3 track playing - after switching on that track plays from the place it was paused5. fm tuner has very good sensitivity and when when the frequency starts weakening, the receiver removes the noise and interference from the audio path to improve readability6. after frequency searching could remember more than 35 stations in memory7. could be used as card reader via usb with high speed transmission of the files8. could be used as external sound card for pc\laptop when connect item through the mini-usb port (tested on win 7 ultimate 64 bit)9. excellent working as aux-in amplifier10. very smooth volume control (looks like it has some electronic control - not only analog rotary)11. good sound through earphones 12. rubber passive driver makes great bass
    some more pros:13. very smooth working wheel of tuning - also with some electronic circuit, 3 colors led which indicates charging level when it plugged in.14. memory cards could be read through simple usb card-reader, connected to the usb port on the item. tested with inserted in card-reader memory stick, Olympus xd-card, micro sd.
    amazing item for such price. there was no any regrets from the date of purchase till today. did not find any cons, use it little less than 1 year. i will buy again this item for my friends.
  • Wonderful piece of development

    posted by jjbolt

    The water-proof mp3-player is very compact and well finished. A good-looking device you can present to your friends. The carryingstrap is a usefull extra. When you run you can wear the device at your arm. When you're swimming you can attach the player to your goggles.
    I'm a happy owner, I use it while riding my bicycle tomy work. Now I can listen to my favorite music.
    Good device, good price
  • convenient FM transmitter

    posted by mkienzle

    This compact FM transmitter arrived quickly. It's very easy to use. The feature I most appreciate is that it uses a single FM channel removing the pain of having to look search for it on the car radio. Just plug your device and play. Better solution than multi-frequency FM transmitter we bought in the past.
    easy to use but not a great sound quality

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