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fm antenna Customers Reviews

  • SU-12

    posted by Romanovdd123

    High volume sound speakersPresent monitor, unlike some similar modelsWorking through the battery up to 3 hoursThe remote control works up to 3 meters
    This is a very good media player, this is a good thing to listen to music on the road.
    In the general media player money, is very pleased with high volume and fast detection flash drives. But it might unleash assemble the product.
  • You get what you pay for. Decent product.

    posted by M0RGION

    Super-easy to install if you can find a suitable spot. The double-sided tape is good, although not e.g. 3M quality. If you want to be extra-sure of proper attachment, replacing the tape with a higher-quality tape could be beneficial. For most uses, the tape it comes attached with is more than enough.Low-profile, discreet, compact.Wire length is suitable for most situations.Telescopic antenna is of high quality.
    The adventurous among us might try to redo the wiring inside the casing to connect both the outer and inner wire to the antenna to see if reception improves. The antenna mast itself seems to be of great quality, so this can be a good basis for a lot of do-it-yourself projects.The antenna comes out of the casing at a slight angle, making flush installs against a surface difficult.
    Want a cheap, discreet, easy-to-install telescopic antenna? Here's one.Want quality radio reception? You get what you pay for...
  • Perfect for SDR

    posted by jmbechet

    - Works well with OsmoSDR, RTLSDR and SDR#
    - do NOT install drivers provided on the CD if you plan to use it for SDR- I didn't tried the device for its primary use : television ;-)- I didn't tried the remote control- needs a quite powerful computer for SDR (multi-core processor)- if you want to connect and home-made antenna, SKU 165089 is what you need
    - you will have to improve the antenna to receive things like CB, amateur radio, weather data, airplanes ...
  • Go for something else.

    posted by firethorn

    - Is reverse polarity safe.- As it should be with "12V" devices, this device will accept voltages slightly off 12V. I haven't actually tested it across the range of a 12V lead acid battery though.
    The way this thing is wired, ideally it should be mounted on something.The reception appears to be better at VHF frequencies than FM Radio frequencies. That being said, where I am, because the FM Radio frequencies are stronger, it may appear to be stronger at FM Radio than VHF, but it is not the case.
    You could consider this, you don't have to rule it out per se, but you should think hard if you really need this (i.e. if there are better alternatives).
  • Cheap AUTO TV/Radio FM Antenna with nice quality

    posted by xclairvoyantx

    Nice antenna nonetheless its small size.Signal quality and strength is good for main time. It`s also easy to install, only stick it on the wind-screen and just hide the cable.
    Maybe signal cables may be much longer than they are, to have opportunity to install this antenna at back glass of the car.
    Recomended. It`s better choise for such price, quality and specifications

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