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This is our best fluorescent green, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

fluorescent green Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly good quality

    posted by paulomatsui

    Great build quality. Great finish. Sturdy straps and buckle piece. Elastic - can fit me *and* my backpack. Great quality reflective material. Highly functional.
    Things I buy here on DX have such a so-so quality build that I was (good) surprised to get this sturdy elastic-made with very nice materials and finish.
    I've been using the SKU 117242 vest to commute by bike at night. But its quality is *so* bad it is mostly tearing down in pieces after 5 months of continuous use. This strat-vest came in just in time to replace the old vest. Looks like its going to last for more than a year of heavy use.
  • Very good reflective strap

    posted by gboymix

    A very easy reflective strap for pants. It's very light weight and have enough length to cover pants ends, the other one item I've bought is rather tight. It's also stenches, so don't worry if you have too large leg. Also price is very affordable. Bright colors and reflection would make more noticeable on road
    Though for 2.8$ price you can buy as much as you wish.
    Definitely would buy some more. Reccommended to be bought.
  • Awesome Flashlight! Incredibly Bright! Unbelieveable price!

    posted by augdog1230

    Possibly the best flashlight on Deal-extreme for $17!!! Aluminum head, 3 o-rings, solid construction, comes with wrist-lanyard, BRIGHT VERY BRIGHT (made me go 'WHOLY ***' when I first powered it up) Brighter than my Olight M20-X Warrior 500 lumen tactical flashlight and nearly a 1/10th the price with a 60 metre waterproof rating!!! Also, my light has 3 light settings (Dealextreme advertises only one setting?) light has High-beam, Low-Beam, and Strobe! (cycles thru the settings as you twist the head on and off) Works with CR123's no problem as well.
    I am Extremely pleased with this purchase! I am going to be purchasing 10 more for my work (Underground Pipeline Inspection)
    Very Happy with this light. For $17 there isn't a better flashlight than this!
  • Good sport pants

    posted by szerezade

    Good quality of the fabric.Nice touchEasy to wash
    Be sure ypur size!!!!! and remember, perhaps buy with one sine more than you use normally.
    Buy it, but remember: That is a bit subjetive, but the tag "XL" in Europe and Latin America it is very diferent to China. It is a "M" or perhaps a little "L", so for me are little :).
  • Nice reflective bands

    posted by skyzzz

    Highly reflective and is elastic which makes wearing it comfortable. The quality looks good and seems durable. It came with a big waist band and 2 smaller wrist bands. The 2 small bands can also be used for ankles which make it prefect for running too.
    certainly better than other reflective bands in dx.com. It is elastic which is advantage.Although reflective, it wont give out light by itself. There need to be a light source for it to work.
    Would certainly buy again.

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