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flower set Customers Reviews

  • Excellent!

    posted by Nyxity

    This is very small and the level of detail is VERY GOOD. All small parts are clear, discernable, and distinct. Each stick is easy to cut smoothly, but the bottom - when cutting on an angle - is difficult to cut all the way through; the bottom edge will likely be missing.
    Most of the butterfly designs are only half, i.e. a side view. It is possible to layer them together to make a whole butterfly, but this may cause bunching/ridging in the overall design.
    Pretty good for fun.
  • Romantic and elegant

    posted by Aislin

    Nice looking, love the flower design. Looks real silver from a distance.
    Love this two piece set, and cannot help but wonder why they did not add a pair of earrings? It would be the perfect gift set. Speaking of which it would be great if they included the gift box with this purchase.
    Buy it. This set is great as a gift. Anyone would love it. Put them in an expensive looking gift box and it will look perfect.
  • Practical, useful and beautiful

    posted by glaubermf

    An excellent purchase, one of the best I've ever done in DX. The plastic is firm, the clasp is secure, the finish is flawless. The larger bag is large enough to fit two double duvets. The pump is a perfect size, not too small, so that the service is not income, not too big that impede its operation or storage. The rate of compression of the items placed inside the bags depends on the quantity of air within them but, for example, reduce the duvets 4 to 5 times.
    It is a great option to save space and protect your clothes and blankets from dust, moths, odors and moisture.
    Buy it! You are not gonna regret.
  • Pretty ~

    posted by Amaxnda

    Really fun to use, it gives your nails some pretty details, lots of different motives such as fruits, flower, cats, smiley faces and some shapesI used a sharp tiny knife to slice the clay and the glued them on with glue that you use for plastic nails and it worked fine and I think it will last longer if you glue them
    almost all of the clay sticks were different, I got 2 sticks that were exactly the same, some sticks had the same shape but with different colorsI mostly got flowers, they were the same shape but different colors
    I also got a pink angry bird stick which was fun.

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